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Rolleiflex Instant Kamera: The Instant Camera with Cutting Edge Features

Rolleiflex Instant Kamera

The Rolleiflex camera with its twin-lens has always attracted amateur photographers with its awesome imaging output. Finally, the Rolleiflex camera is back with a different upgraded version in both look and feel and more advanced features. This TLR instant camera that basically uses Fuji Instax Mini film for imaging has finally arrived with a lot of cutting-edge features and functions.

The brand is already well known for its twin lens reflex cameras and this latest edition of their already popular camera while kept the vintage look intact it is loaded with a lot of advanced features that modern day photographers are familiar with. It is actually an effort by the company to bring back the vintage feel of the original 1927 Rolleiflex with an advanced instant camera. As of now, the effort seems quite impressive and the product clearly outshines most other instant cameras in the market.

Impressive specs inside

The Rolleiflex camera sports a twin-lens reflex system along with a Fresnel viewfinder with anti-glare coating. The viewfinder allows the photographer to look down at the waist level and capture shots with the camera. To help you further there is a built-in magnifier to show all the intricate details when you choose to use the manual focus system.

On the front side of the camera, there is an Aspheric 61mm lens that allows focusing with a minimum distance of 48cm. The camera offers an array of apertures that you can choose for taking snaps. You have apertures like /5.6, f/8, f/16, f/22, and “Bokeh.” There are also different shutter speed ranging from as fast as 1/500 seconds to the slowest 10 seconds.

For receiving the instant film output of your captured shot, you need to choose the settings and thereafter press the shutter button for exposing a shot and then you need to press the film eject button so that the viewfinder box ejects the film with the captured image.

As for the camera body and built, the Rolleiflex weighs just 525g and the vintage looking body sports a dimension of 141x102x80mm. When you compare Rolleiflex latest instant camera it is at least 30% slimmer than all other TLR cameras that are on offer.

What makes this so special?

There are various aspects that make this instant camera really special and stand out from most other instant cameras. Let us have a look at some of these specialities.

  • You can have a real-time preview of the actual picture through the viewfinder.
  • The viewfinder allows you shooting from the eye level, waist level, or knee level as the subject of photography demands.
  • For ensuring depth-of-field effects you can easily control the aperture.
  • You can switch off and switch on the flash whenever you want.
  • It allows you focus on the subject of your choice easily.
  • By shooting from a close distance you can still ensure getting a high quality snap.
  • Apart from all these, you get all the regular advantages of an instant camera.

The creative features worth mentioning

The camera comes with an array of creative features that deserves mention here. Let us have a look at the various features and functions of Rolleiflex instant camera.

Twin lens design: This instant camera comes with a unique twin-lens design which is inspired by the design of a periscope.

Easy aperture control: The camera allows several different aperture controls to tweak with the depth of field views to help the subject stand out.

Viewfinder design: The camera comes with Fresnel anti-glare coated viewfinder allowing you to take a look at the image from the waist-level. Thanks to this you can capture shots any time just by looking down at the viewfinder.

3-element aspheric lens: The robust 3-element Aspheric Lens allows you shoot crystal clear and very detailed images with just a focal distance of 61mm.

Magnifier to look closer: Just like the traditional Rolleiflex cameras, with this new camera also you have a magnifier allowing you to take a closer look at the subject.

Precise focusing: The camera always allows you tweaking the manual focus system to avoid additional noise and focus on the subject.

Multiple exposure: You can use multiple exposures for exposing a frame several times and to deliver detailed and layered images.

Instant films: The camera uses Fujifilm Instax Mini, the widely available and industry-standard instant film.

Final verdict

The Rolleiflex Instant Camera is going through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and considering the round of applause it received we can see it rolled out in the market sometime in October this year. You can book your first camera with a contribution of just $395.