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Grass Cutting Made Easy by Robomow – The Robotic Lawn Mower!

Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower

Robomow is a robotic lawn mower that certainly defines your lawn’s boundary with an electronic cable. You just need to dig out the mower from the back of the shed and battle through lush growth. With the usual chaos of daily life, it is difficult and time-consuming to look after the lawn properly, which is why it is such an impressive unit for garden maintenance. With an abundance of features and tons of customization, Robomow is a wonderful time-saver for all people for mowing their lawn.

Impressive Design

The Design of Robomow is impressive as it has an ‘edge’ mode, in which it cuts right up to the wheels and reduces the amount of grass you need to deal with.  But still, a little bit of lawn maintenance is required in manual terms, although it is minimal. Robomow, the company has put a lot of its experience, time, and effort to design the sporting dual steel blades, that has the capacity to cut through anything small enough. Its body is also built up strongly to cut sticks whenever it comes in its path without damaging the blades.

How does it work?

The installation and working process of Robomow is actually quite simple. Firstly, you have to choose a perfect spot to dock this lawn mower and then to be connected to a power supply. It will automatically begin the mowing process and plug itself back in when it’s done with its work. You just need to run the special cable provided around the edge of your lawn, as it is operated via the Robomow App. It has the ability to automate mowing time and frequency leaving the lawn in a constantly pristine condition. You will need an extra outdoor power point because the mower’s battery has to be recharged after it’s been out.

Various Features

  • Robomow can stand up to anything from extreme rainfalls to a tree falling on it.
  • It has a rain sensor that determines if the yard is too wet to mow at that time. It also shows the sensitivity of how much amount of water it can hold.
  • With the Robomow App, you can schedule mowing time, check how much battery life exists and also run the Robomow blade controls.
  • The Robomow comes with a Zone option that is a useful feature if your yard setup requires it.
  • It is embedded with an adjustable cutting height also, that is needed for proper lawn care.
  • There is a Unique Edge Mode that travels in 3 ways from your perimeter line to a regular initial edging where to set up controls are easily managed.
  • The floating deck allows to conform to bumps and crevices and even gliding over the ups and downs without giving an uneven cut.
  • This Lawnmower calculates the hours it needs to mow based on the area and the load on the motors.
  • This device has a long-term value as its battery lasts years before it’s charging diminishes. It has a lifetime of more than 5000 charges before we can replace it with another machine.
  • It even has a key feature that take care of its safety, its speed and bumper sensing technology.

Robomow App

With the help of Robomow app, it is easy to set the mowing frequency and also manually force the Robomow to mow.  You can set the appropriate time to mow your grass without disturbing your household chores.

Pricing and Availability

Robomow retails at around £999 with an optional installation feature, that costs around £200. It involves setting up the cutting program and this can be done on your smartphone with the help of your app.


Robomow is the simplest lawn Mower with a unique mixture of offerings. It is not only an awesome gadget but a sound investment where can manually adjust the blades to cut the grass at your preferred height. This simple technology manages all that for you, with a reasonable price.