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Robin Phone by Nextbit – An Android Smartphone with Limitless Storage

Robin Phone by Nextbit

The smartphone industry is flourishing. With a new phone being launched on a regular basis, Apple and Samsung are dominating the smartphone market. Although these high-end smartphones offer a gamut of incredible features, their high cost make them often unaffordable.

Stylish & Unique Design

Nextbit, a small company aiming to free people from the limits of mobile technology, has launched a new Android smartphone called Robin. By tweaking the Android OS a little and incorporating a unique hardware, Robin Phone is sure to wow the customers.

  • The stylish Robin Phone has a fresh design that makes it unique from the others.
  • The square shape is a welcome change from the normal, rounded edges and curves that almost all smartphones have today.
  • The USB port, microphone and sensor are aligned at the bottom of the phone.
  • The proximity sensor and the camera lens are two identical circles on the left.
  • The fingerprint scanner is integrated with the sleep button on the side of the phone.
  • While most phones try to hide speakers behind small boards, Robin Phone has speakers in the form of drilled dots.
  • Robin Phone is available in two distinct colours – mint and midnight.

Tech Specs

  • Display: 5.3 inch, 1080p
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
  • Internal Storage: 32 GB
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Camera: 13 MP rear, 5 MP front
  • Battery: 2680 mAh
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 LE
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Dual front facing speakers
  • USB type-C port
  • NFC connectivity for mobile payments

100GB of Cloud Storage

While the Robin Phone has an internal storage of 32GB, it promises an additional 100 GB of free cloud storage. This cloud storage allows people to store a lot more data, without having to delete much in order to free space on their phones. The phone will automatically detect apps that users don’t use much and move such unused apps and files into the cloud, thereby freeing as much space as possible on their phones. When a user wants to go back to a rarely used app or an old photo, he can log in to the cloud and pick up from where he left.

Launching January 2016

The Robin Phone is currently in the prototype stage and is expected to be released early January 2016. With an MRP of $400, Robin Phone will be sold through the company’s website. While Nextbit claims to have necessary funding through investors and partners, from September 2015, Robin Phone can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter; the first 1000 buyers can own the Robin Phone at $300 after which the phone will be available for $350. Through the Kickstarter program, Nextbit aims at capturing first hand market reviews on the Robin Phone. Such an insight will help the company in improving and modifying the software and hardware aspects of Robin Phone and create a community of users who can help them in building a phone that perfectly fits their requirement.

Our Verdict

The Robin Phone with its stylish design and soothing colors is a much needed change from the similar looking phones that are available in the cluttered smartphone market today. Also with mobile operators selling most phones through a 2-year contract, the Robin Phone is a lower-priced alternative that will enable users to make the most of their investment and enjoy a delightful smartphone experience.