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Revl Arc – The Smartest Action Camera that Includes Stabilization Too

Revl Arc

The wearable/mountable camera market is continuously evolving and even though GoPro dominates the segment, several companies have now introduced cameras that include features that GoPro doesn’t boast as of now. The Revl Arc smart action camera is one unique camera that delivers umpteen goodies as its features.

The Revl Arc tackles multiple pain points for action-cam users, and with the introduction of stabilization and editing, the cam is set to differentiate itself from the market by a mile. Electronic image stabilization is not new but since it is the first 4K-resolution cam which includes brilliant mechanical and electronic image stabilization, it is way above the competition.

The Look and the Attributes

Although it looks like other cameras, it has a tube-shaped Arc and a motorized gimbal that makes use of powerful magnets to support the rest of the camera. The gimbal includes a mount that supports the entire back of the camera to keep the camera level without shifting the footage irrespective of the alignment of the user.

This feature makes Arc a unique action camera as the built-in stabilization is difficult to find in action cameras as of now. Most of them use handheld gimbals, or purpose-built ones that make the product pricey and even difficult to control. Integrating the stabilization technology is the best approach that the makers did for the Revl Arc.

Since the stabilization is impressive, no matter where the user leans, the front camera stays level. And the smooth footage is just mesmerizing to look at.

How does it work?

The Revl Arc includes a motor fed with data along with a built-in gyroscope that helps in keeping the camera level steady irrespective of the inclination of its mount, Even if the user flips, the video will stay steady and level. Electronic stabilization goes a long way with motorized stabilization in this respect.

Along with the gyroscope, a barometer, accelerometer and magnetometer is embedded within the device. The camera also uses Bluetooth to connect a heart-rate monitor or a vehicle’s diagnostic modules. The sensor data can be overlaid on the video so that everyone can witness your performance. The camera also includes highlight tagging, with exciting moments picked up from original footage and for creating edited videos perfect for sharing.

Demarcating Features of the Revl Arc

  • Records 4K at 30fps and 1080p resolution videos at 120, 60, and 30fps. It can also record 720p videos at 240, 120, and 60fps.
  • It supports live-streaming at 1080p.
  • The action camera is shockproof and waterproof and can withstand water up to 10 feet without any protective housing.
  • It can store content on microSD cards up to 128GB.
  • Includes replaceable battery.
  • Boasts of 90 minutes recording time when shot at 4K without Wi-fi Connection.
  • Standard tripod mount and specialized mounts for the Arc.
  • One-button recording.
  • Mobile app for perfect live preview and camera control with diverse settings.
  • Boasts of Apple Watch support.
  • Includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

The components within the Arc camera is similar to GoPro’s Hero4 Black sporting a Sony image sensor along with a powerful Ambarella A9SE processor. It uses a high-quality low-distortion lens too.

Indiegogo Campaign Success and Price

Revl has almost achieved more than double of its flexible $50,000 goal on Indiegogo, but one can expect the product to be much more successful than the rest of the competition. There has been a late round of investment and fillip provided by Y Combinator and hence the makers are aiming for a fall release. The retail price is expected to be $500.

With a price of $349 as an early bird price as part of their Indiegogo campaign, the makers are set to launch and ship the product in December.