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RetroBlox: World’s First Modular HD Retro Game Console


There are plenty of third-party retro gaming consoles promising all sorts of advantages over their proprietary predecessors, but the RetroBlox wants to be the biggest and most comprehensive of them to date. The RetroBlox is an upcoming modular “virtual console” that looks to be a literal game-changer for those interested in retro gaming.

Will Support Several Modes.

The RetroBlox will come with an optical drive to support discs from both the PS1 and Sega CD in addition to the cartridges and Turbo Chips, unlike the RetroN and Game Freak. The console is also supposed to support modes like online, connectivity, a modern user interface. It will also support a hybrid emulation mode which will allow it to play games whose cartridges have special graphic’s chips embedded in them. RetroBlox, Inc., the company behind the console, has claimed that it will have “full hardware compatibility with every game” in a player’s library of old games.

Gaming Consoles that RetroBlox will Support.

At the launch event, the RetroBlox will support games from consoles like the NES, SNES, Genesis, Atari 2600, and TurboGrafx-16. While the optical drive module to follow will add support for game consoles like the PlayStation, Sega CD, and PC-Engine CDs. Because of the modular design, the company intends to keep updating the console with support for more formats down the line.

Save ROMs Directly to Your Console.

The creators of the RetroBlox claim that the device will be able to save local copies of game ROMs directly to the console. This will help put less wear and tear on people’s game collections and will also make it easier to swap between them on the fly.

Sell Your Own Games on The Platform.

The ability to store all of the games digitally and access them through what looks like a sleek, no-frills UI is probably the consoles most appealing feature of the RetroBlox. Also, the capability of streaming games in 1080p. Developers will be able to retail their own games on the platform. It’s not really clear how that would work at this point. The RetroBlox will then be a third-party virtual console that will help people store their video game collections digitally.

Full HD Resolution.

Retroblox Inc has also provided a Full HD resolution so that games look sharp. For people who would like to give a retro look to RetroBlox, the console ships with a suite of virtual displays which model the look, feel geometry and tone of old CRT displays. There are also some really great connectivity options. That means you’ll be able to stream your gaming exploits directly to Twitch or YouTube.

Coming to Kickstarter.

The Retroblox is yet to hit Kickstarter, so there’s reason to be skeptical about the device’s future. The crowdfunding campaign is set to get going in April when pricing and specs should also be announced.

Gaming enthusiasts are faced with a dilemma when it comes to retro games. Experience only a subset of popular re-released games made for current generation platforms such as the Virtual Console or NES Classic. It uses original game hardware and displays that were used long ago, to play in a particular game room, or resort to illegitimate means of experiencing gaming history through the use of copied ROMs and emulators.

A Treat for Gamers.

RETROBLOX will solve this problem precisely by providing you with a modern, unified platform for digital retro gaming that’s devoted to unparalled modular support for original console game media and hardware factors. RETROBLOX will naturally make retro games from their original resolution to full HD 1080p. For those who prefer the older look of older TV’s from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s will like a suite of virtual displays which model the look, feel, geometry and tone of these classic displays from gaming’s past.