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Reolink Argus: Wireless, Battery Powered Security Camera

Reolink Argus

Reolink, the Chinese manufacturer of security solutions, has been offered a variety of products to homeowners and businesses for almost a decade now. This time, it has come up with Reolink Argus. It is a battery-powered portable security camera that is ideal to secure places at home with no power outlets. It is totally wire-free security camera to keep an eye on what happens when you are not at home. You can place it on a table, shelf or any flat surface and even mount to a wall or ceiling. It records and streams 1080p full HD video from anywhere and anytime.


  1. Wire Free: The Reolink Argus is 100% wire free. It’s a battery powered WiFi IP camera. There are no cords and wiring hassles. It is portable to be placed anywhere.
  2. Smart PIR Motion Sensor: Wide-angle smart built-in PIR motion sensor detects motion events and triggers alarms.
  3. Weatherproof Design: Reolink Argus is a weatherproof security camera to work outdoors or indoors. It works even in the harshest conditions. Be it rain or shine, hot or cold.
  4. Live View: You can watch live streams on the phone and keep tabs on your family and property. You can do this anytime and anywhere, even when you are on the go.
  5. Night Vision: Reolink Argus has high-quality integrated night vision that automatically switches on at night. So you can see clearly, even in the dark.
  6. 1080p Full HD: Reolink Argus captures images and videos in real color at 1080p Full HD. So you can watch live streams and recordings much more clearly than others.
  7. Wide Viewing Angles: It has wider viewing angle to cover more areas and to reduce blind spots.
  8. 2-Way Audio: Built-in speaker and mic allow you to listen and talk back interactively. This can be done even from thousand miles away.
  9. SD Card Slot: Motion events will be recorded in an SD card slot on the Reolink Argus, for playback or backup.

Long Battery Life.

Reolink Argus has advanced power saving technology. This technology supports several months long standby time. It doesn’t require frequent battery changes. The camera comes with 4 lithium-ion batteries. It also supports rechargeable batteries.

Innovative Magnetic Base

Reolink Argus comes with a 360° magnetic base. This gives you more mounting possibilities. It holds the camera tight and allows you to stick the camera on it and. You can twist in any direction you want, even upside down.

Reolink Argus is a standalone product. It is an all-in-one security solution with a Full HD camera, a smart sensor, and alarms. The camera will go into a standby mode. It will wake up immediately via motion detection and live view from a phone.

How Does It Work?

  • Wake Up When Motion Is Detected
    The smart PIR movement sensor will detect if anything’s wrong. Whenever motion detection is triggered, the camera will wake up at once. It will capture the event and guarantee that you know it immediately. After detecting everything is sound and safe, the camera will go into a standby mode. This way it uses little battery power.
  • Send Smart & Accurate Alerts in Real Time
    After detecting the motion, the camera informs you in real-time with alerts.
  • Live View from Anywhere, Anytime
    You can also get a live view of the camera from your phone anytime and anywhere. Even when you are on the go and even thousands of miles away from home, just a tap on your phone and the camera will wake up at once for live streaming. You can see clearly what’s happening.
  • Listen and Talk Back
    On the live view, you can not only see clearly what’s happening but also listen and even talk back. Welcome your kids home, tell your dog to get off the couch, and even warn verbally any uninvited.

An Affordable Security Camera.

Reolink Argus security camera has raised more than $500,000. Argus’ Indiegogo price is just $80. Reolink Argus MSRP is expected to go up to $100 after its crowdfunding period ends. The units of Reolink Argus will be shipped worldwide.