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Renegade 3D Magical Pen – The Eco-Friendly 3D Creator

Renegade 3D Pen

Invented by UK-based inventor Daniel Edwards Renegade – the 3D magical pen can be used to create unique designs in 3D printing. The perfect solid tool eliminates the need for costly filaments and saves the environment simultaneously by reusing plastic waste. The brand new chunky scribbler named Renegade lets you design 3D designs on paper with the help of recycling bottles and plastics.

No need to use the expensive ink and filaments. It is designed specifically to extrude melted plastic just like other 3Doodler or other 3D printing pens. The 3D pen also allows one to draw a real object in the thin air, in three dimensions. All these 3D models are made by a melted plastic filament that instantly gets hardened and makes it possible to draw complex structures.

Only those plastic files and strips are accepted that have the sizes ranging from 5-7 mm and thickness of between 0.14-0.35mm. The standard filaments, such as PLA, ABS, nylon, TPE, HIPS, are used if their diameter consists 1.75mm diameter. This innovative 3D pen has the potential to put your mind at new creativity through wasted plastic filaments.

Working Pattern

To start the process, you need a plastic bottle shredder that transports, destructs, and melts the plastic tape. Then it is taken by Renegade, that with its heating system melts down the plastic into ink. You have to fine-tune the viscosity and fluid properties of the extruding plastic. After that, you can start draping plastic bottle ink in mid-air like a magician. As the molten plastic cools down it creates some intricate hovering doodles to display with pride on any object. There are endless possibilities to create by your imagination as Renegade is the ultimate creator.

Its Unique Feature

The Renegade is a 3D pen that helps makers in both saving money and recycling their own plastic waste. It helps users transform their plastic waste into usable strips of plastic that can produce various designs and evenly outputs it from the nozzle, like any other 3D printing pen.

The body of Renegade is made from durable aluminum with a powerful drive motor and suitable gearbox that allows you to print with just about any kind of plastic. Its main and important feature is to print 3D models by recycling your plastic bottles, files, and bags.

Specifications of Renegade

  • Renegade 3D pen is equipped with a drive motor and gearbox to help feed the plastic through.
  • With a defined controller the heating system can be adjusted within a range of 50°C to 320°C.
  • It has durable mechanism drive and electrical system.
  • This 3D pen is available in either black or white colors.
  • The device comes with a mini spool attachment, that can secure your plastic ribbons for easy feeding into the pen.
  • Additionally, users can also purchase a specially designed stand, which can house up to 6 cartridge spools of plastic strips.

Cost Price & Availability

To buy Renegade 3D pen there was a Kickstarter campaign that ended on August 15th, 2016 and if you’re excited to create eco-art, you can now pitch in. The lowest price sits at about £60 and comes with a colorful spool. You can even pay a little extra to have the ChupaCut. The product is expected to ship by January 2017. It’s all a pretty good deal, particularly when you consider the costs involved in other 3D printing pens.


Nothing wrong with dreaming big, and undoubtedly Renegade is here to provide you with a great 3D printing experience with no compromises. It is a great step to stop spending on overpriced proprietary filaments and saving the environment.