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ReMarkable: The E-Ink Tablet, Which is The Closes Thing To Paper

e ink tablet remarkable

The Norwegian startup ReMarkable has made its own tablet that aims to make sketching on e-ink feel smooth and lag-free. And it works really well. reMarkable is the paper tablet for people who prefer paper. It is here to replace your notebooks, sketchbooks, and printouts. reMarkable offers paper-like reading, writing and sketching with digital powers.

Mainly For Artists.

The tablet is designed mainly for artists. reMarkable has various built-in tools. These focus on sketching and drawing. Your work gets seamlessly synced over Wi-Fi to a cloud account across iOS, Android, Mac or PC. Simplicity is the foundation of reMarkable’s design. It represents the possibilities that exist in a stack of blank sheets of paper. People at reMarkable believe that they have succeeded in creating a subtle and non-intrusive product that still embodies the paper experience.

Canvas Display.

The reMarkable tablet gives the feel of a paper with just the right friction. The tablet combines cutting edge E Ink Carta technology with ultra-thin high-friction surface materials. It has ink that responds to pressure and feels natural. The CANVAS display actually transfers physical ink particles to the surface when you write. The Marker supports over 2048 levels of pressure detection. It offers fast and precise pen strokes for high-precision interaction. The CANVAS display’s patent-pending low latency technology took over three years to develop. It makes reMarkable feel fast and precise.


The paper-like display provides a superior reading experience. Write directly on the surface of reMarkable like you would on paper. Let your eyes indulge the pages in comfort. You can easily transfer documents, PDFs, textbooks and e-books wirelessly.


reMarkable is not only a notebook for handwriting but a note taking system. You can easily organize multiple notebooks. You can capture every thought with virtually unlimited pages. You can also choose your favorite template, whether it’s squared, lines or dotted.


It combines digital ink with the display surface. This feels closer to real ink-on-paper than any other digital product out there. You can sketch with a variety of brushes. You can then perfect your work with tools like undo, erase, and zoom.

100 000 PAGES: You will not be running out of pages anymore. reMarkable offers the limit of 100,000 pages.
DAYS OF BATTERY TIME: It comes with a 3,000mAh battery which keeps it going on for days.
SUNLIGHT READABLE: it offers an optimized reading experience, even when the sun’s out.

Stay Connected.

If you’re a paper person you probably find it frustrating to keep track of notebooks, printouts and storing all that paper. It makes it easy to stay in control. With the reMarkable app available for all devices, and their own secure cloud service, all your notes and sketches will always be organized and instantly available.

ONE-CLICK TRANSFER Transfer your files quickly and wirelessly to reMarkable with a single click.
SECURE CLOUD All your work is automatically backed up securely with Its cloud service.
ALL DEVICES, ALWAYS All changes are instantly synchronized and available on all your devices.

It Keeps You Focused.

In the age of social media and wireless internet, there is always something distracting you from the task at hand. It is designed to cultivate concentration. No web surfing, e-mails or social media means no distraction and no procrastination. Not only does it keep you focused, writing by hand is scientifically proven to improve your capacity to learn. The ReMarkable tablet was announced last year but is supposed to finally ship this August.