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reMarkable – An E Ink Tablet to Replace your Notebook

reMarkable Tablet

Paper has been around for thousands of years and is a universally accepted material. But often, it can rip and tear, and it takes up space. But reMarkable is here to change that by launching its E Ink tablet, also called as a digital paper tablet.

What do we Understand by ‘Digital Paper Tablet?’

The digital paper tablet looks like an iPad, combined with the screen of an e-reader. You can use a fancy stylus with it. So the digital paper tablet is like an e-reader designed specifically for reading, writing, and drawing.

Replacing your Notebooks and Textbooks

reMarkable’s E Ink tablet is tailored for the people who want the feel of paper, but with the convenience of a tablet. The E Ink tablet is for people who prefer paper. This tablet can replace your notebooks, sketchbooks, and printouts by giving you a paper-like reading, writing and sketching with digital function.

reMarkable Wants you to Stay Focused

Other high-end tablets have vibrant screens that transport you to a different world while watching a movie or playing a game. But reMarkable tablet wants to do the opposite by being distraction-free. The tab doesn’t have an app store or a browser. So all you can do with the tablet is reading, writing, and sketching. It doesn’t want to get in your brain’s way. It wants you to get in the zone and work there.

Low-latency Technology

The reMarkable tablet is a tablet that plans to replace paper, and function as a reading and note-taking device. The company uses ultra-friction materials on the display that makes you feel like you are writing on actual paper. It has also got the proprietary low-latency technology for quickly updating the screen.

The company calls the e-ink display CANVAS. CANVAS can support over 1,000 levels of pressure like an actual pen, pencil, or paper.

Minimalistic Features

The tablet comes with minimalistic features. It has got a large 10.3-inch e-ink display screen that’s good for reading. The screen has 55ms touchscreen response latency. It can only display ebooks, PDFs, and documents, and allows you to make notes on them. It also works as a blank notebook for writing or sketching.

The reMarkable tablet comes with 8GB of internal storage, which is not expandable, has a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. The company claims that the 3,000 mAh battery will last for days. The tablet has WiFi connectivity. You can connect the tablet to your iOS or Android device and transfer files, share projects documents and make collaboration easier.

Pre-order at a Discounted Rate

The reMarkable E Ink tablet is available for pre-order at an early bird price of $379. The retail price of the tablet will be $716 for the complete set of the $529 tablet, $79 stylus, and $79 folio case. The tablet is expected to ship in August 2017. It is a good replacement for your notebooks and textbooks, with a big screen and the ability to write notes, but it is not the first attempt to replace paper.