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Razer Stargazer – One Hell of a Webcam that even Shoots in 3D!

Razer Stargazer Webcam

Traditional webcams nowadays fail to demands of game streamers and they need something entirely new.

Enter the Razer Stargazer –that delivers the highest frame rate capture in the world! This is one webcam that is optimized for the newest generation of gamers and streamers, shooting videos at 60 fps wherein the video quality is incredibly lifelike!

Webcam for Gamers and Streamers!

The Stargazer is built on Intel’s RealSense SR300 imaging sensors and the frame rate matches modern video games with a 720p resolution. It can also shoot videos at 1080p resolution at 30 fps for video conferences. What’s more, Razer Stargazer includes an automatic noise cancelling dual array microphone so that your voice is not lost among the ambient sounds.

Its feature set also includes some inimitable qualities:

  • It includes a dynamic background removal feature that eliminates the background from your video without the requirement of an alpha green screen. This feature comes in handy while working with Razer Cortex: Gamecaster.
  • The camera has 78 points in detecting your facial expression and 22 points to detect hand movement. This allows users to use their face and hands to open and shut applications with their expressions and gestures, when working on a Windows 10 PC or laptop.
  • It can also capture 3D scans of different objects and deliver it to the 3D printer.

The Need for the Razer Stargazer

Why would you spend $200 on just a webcam when every multimedia device which offers multiple functions are priced lesser. The reason is that Razer Stargazer, is not just a webcam of any sort.

Once you connect it to a Windows 10 laptop, you might even gain access to the data within directly or you can wave your hand to close down applications. Broadcasting video game exploits to the world is now not a hassle, since the Stargazer can put a live video stream, without requiring you to invest in other stuff like green screens.

The Stargazer is based on the Intel’s SR300 camera, that utilizes artificial intelligence to “see” like the human eye to track depth as well as motion. With the infrared feature, it can detect beyond the human eye capabilities with gesture recognition used to launch different commands through the computer.

The camera features Intel RealSense depth camera that can distinguish face separately from the surroundings. Just like the Microsoft Kinect, the Intel solution uses cameras and infrared laser projector for shooting in 3D. The objects are isolated from the background too.

Priced at $200 in the US, and about €240 in Europe, it is a steep price for a webcam, but one can count on avid gamers to buy it along with the streamers.

Salient Features of the Stargazer

  • 60 frames per second capture at 720p.
  • Max 1080p resolution at 30 fps video capture.
  • Noise-cancelling dual array microphone.
  • Dynamic Background Removal Feature.
  • Tripod mount and flexible clip for mounting on laptops.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, USB 3.0 port and 6th gen Intel Core processor.

Video recording can be done in high-definition mode, and sound is getting some good attention too with the noise-cancelling and dual-array microphone.

Razer’s partnership with Intel provided fillip to their webcam ambitions. The gaming startup’s valuation has got boosted to over $1 billion owing to the tieup.