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Razer Released Mechanical Keyboard For iPad Pro

Razer Mechanical Keyboard For iPad Pro

Razer, this time, kept its reputation as a razor-sharp company by developing a sophisticated iPad Pro case with a keyboard. Named as Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case seems to be a truly intriguing future ready product with great design and user optimized features. There is a new innovative switch used by Razer in this product which is referred as the Razer Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical Switch. Well, for professional use of the iPad this feature rich new product is capable of adding immense value.

Rich Unmatched Features

These so-called low-profile switches have just a travel of 1.6mm while most other mechanical keyboard switch comes with a 4mm travel. This makes it truly ultra low profile switch we have ever come across. Well, there other aspects that make the product truly outstanding. Let us have a look at them.

  • If you compare the product with others in the market, while the others mostly offer low-profile keycaps, their switch operation does not offer what it cuts the competition. In contrast most such switches this one has least travel seen ever.
  • In comparison to other caps having a regular look and feel except their thinner built, the new switches from Razer offer a distinct and crisp chiclet style. The company probably introduced this new style keeping the upcoming ultra-slim products in mind.
  • Among the common array of regular switch products with low-profile key caps, this razor product seems an obvious winner in look and feel.
  • This Mechanical Keyboard Case is solid built with great protective aspects. It is built with detachable polycarbonate shell to cover and protect both the front and the rear sides of the iPad Pro.
  • It is also equipped with backlit keys allowing as many as 20 brightness levels to let you type in darkness.

Stunning Specs of Razer Mechanical Keyboard

Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro comes with an equally stunning specs and design attributes like it’s awesome feature set. Many consider this product is just a significant step towards the much awaited Razor Blades with really high-end low-density design. Well, the specs of this new keyboard seem to have really stunning attributes. Let us have a look at them.

  • This Low-Profile Mechanical Switch comes with 70g actuation force.
  • It allows enhanced actuation and enough reset points.
  • The keyboard looks crisp and provocative with small, slim, chiclet keycaps.
  • It is designed specifically for Apple iPad Pro.
  • It comes with a metal kickstand.
  • There is a detachable polycarbonate protective case to protect it from both front and rear side.
  • The keyboard allows Bluetooth connectivity to operate the iPad Pro.
  • It offers a fairly good battery life. The battery life allows 10 hours of power with just a single charge when maximum brightness is set. When the backlighting is turned off it offers as much as 600 hours of battery life just with a single charge.

With such stunning features and robust design and built the product really looks awesome for the professional users. Actually, if you are really performance focused when working with your iPad, there is not a single feature rich keyboard with all round capabilities such as this.

Well, the only argument that goes against this great product is its soaring price that literally pushes anyone at the back foot. Priced at $169.99 this Razer product gives a premium feel from its price tag as well.

What to Expect in Near Future?

Well, lower-profile mechanical switches are going to be a trendsetting keyboard and many of the future laptops and professional-grade tablets are going to come being equipped with them. There are already a few quality options available in the market and with this ultra-low-profile switches from Razor the trend seems to be matured now to take over most laptop and tablet products in the time to com.