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Ray Super Remote – The Universal Remote that Stands a Class Apart!

Ray Super Remote

As more and more shows are coming directly online for streaming subscription services, several companies are trying to woo the audience with multiple content and entertainment options.

Most consumers though are still navigating through channels and using remote controls that are static that started nearly a decade ago. A number of futuristic universal remotes are available on the market these days, but most of them are tied into your phone, with multiple components working for changing channels and the like.

The new Ray Super Remote is different from the rest offering multifaceted control in a sleek design that resembles a smartphone but is a lot different than anything like that.

The remote interface is similar to the phone with a low-friction touchscreen with tactile keys on the side and sleep/wake buttons for the user. The remote links to Wi-Fi network and can lead to easy setup. Bluetooth 4.0 and IR lets the device work with old and new devices too.

Navigation, Compatibility and Design

Ray Super Remote

To make TV easy to navigate, the Ray remote can fetch programming information for the broadcast service thus allowing users to search by channel or specific content with the help of a keypad. It is smarter than any average clicker and also designed to learn what you prefer. If you prefer comedy or drama over other genres, tell the system and the program guide will be changed accordingly. It monitors your TV watching habits and even helps you vote for the content.

The company representatives claim that the Ray Super Remote can work with nearly 1,200 brands and lakhs of devices. It learns IR remote codes so you can make it compatible to old school gear and even the latest gadgets like Apple TV and Xbox.

The makers have not divulged the estimated battery life of the device but since it sports a 2,550mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, one can expect it to run throughout the day without much problem. Other specifications include its powerful dual-core ARM processor that features 8GB of Flash storage and a whopping 1GB of RAM. It has 7 transmitting LEDs all encased in an aluminium frame. There are independent USB charging cables too along with a specific charging stand.

A new product called the Ray Super Remote was designed to change all that. The device takes the form of a touchscreen universal remote and takes all the ease and simplicity of a mobile OS, including apps and personalization, brings it to the TV industry.

Stands out from the Competition

  • Ray Remote can replace all different remote controls.
  • Ray brings a form factor to universal remote along with capabilities that were never there before.
  • It includes different ways to connect to varied set of devices with several channels like WiFi, Bluetooth, IR and even Zigbee.
  • The device can control a long line of HDTVs, DVRs, game consoles, and even streaming video gadgets.
  • It features a 4.8″ touch screen that can let users to search and discover preferred content on live TV through the related video services.
  • It can take advantage of options available through app related to live TV, DVR, streaming video and the like.
  • It works as a standalone device, but the makers are working with pay television providers for new features.

It will surely appeal to couch potatoes to ease their process of bouncing around different devices and make it easier to navigate channels easier than the standard remotes.

The Ray Super Remote is priced at $199 on pre-order with today and even available on free shipping.