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Raspad: The Visual Programming Tablet for New Geeks and Professionals

Raspad Raspberry Pi Tablet

Raspberry Pi has created its own niche as the simplest educational computer for all would-be geeks, and that’s the most impressive thing about this new breed of computers. It has already been named as one of the top selling computers in the general purpose category. Well, it was a rewarding experience for would-be geeks and tech learners that has been the foundation of the success story of the Raspberry Pi. But, even then there are users who complained about the complexities and confusing interface of this computer.

This is exactly what the new Raspad the portable tablet version of Raspberry addresses. Raspad Pi tablet promises to make things even simpler for creating custom projects with access to all the Raspberry Pi ports. The easy to use and simple interface will ensure programming desired objects just anywhere you wish. The company is clear and emphatic about the positioning of this new learner tablet as their spokesperson says, “Raspad is a Raspberry Pi Tablet for makers’ to boost creative ideas.

It’s a powerful experience with rich design

Raspad cones with a cool 10.1-inch touchscreen and slim design coupled up with two stereo speakers. With the bezels around you can still consider it not to be the most stylish tablet in the market, but when you compare the features and the specs, you are bound to come in terms with its selling points. Remember, it is designed and built to take the Raspberry user experience to the next level.

When it comes to helping beginners, this new Pi tablet comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) and a full pack of sensor kits to help them explore and indulge in creativity. It is also loaded with an exceptionally easy visual programming software and a whole range of hardware kits to help them build things with the guidance of the programming software of the tablet. To take things to the superlative proportion, it also comes equipped with an intuitive tutorial book showcasing a whole array of creative projects to inspire the learners with something ready-in-hand to build.

But if you think it can only serve the purpose of learning for beginners, you have underestimated the tablet terribly. It is equally equipped for the advanced users. The advanced users and techies can also connect different hardware components like Arduino and switch out the motherboard of the device.

Begin creating instantly

Do you want to try your hand at programming and computing for the first time? Do you want to savour the experience of building a small tech device without really indulging in truckloads of complex training materials and studies? Well, just try this new RasPad Pi tablet that helps you learn programming and creating things almost instantly through fun-filled creative experience and games. It offers tremendous ease with just a simple single-button operation. To aggravate your visual and audio experience further with this tablet it comes with IPS 10.1’’ touch screen, a battery with high performance guaranteed and a high-quality speaker.

Endless possibilities

Raspad Pi Tablet is built to create endless learning possibilities for tech learners and would-be geeks in more ways than one. It comes with the well known Raspberry Pi interface allowing the learner full access to all the inbuilt accessories. It also uses the visual programming software called Dragit which adds more simplicity to the creative process of various projects undertaken by learners of various age groups.

Versatile and flexible to the core

The operating system of the devices often put the boundary of utilising a device in collaboration with other gadgets or accessories. Often this constraint concerning OS stands as the obstacle to flourishing great and innovative ideas. Raspad is supporting a wide range of operating systems and coming with a specially designed socket that offers easy compatibility with a range of products from the Raspberry including Pi Zero, B+, 2B, 3B, makes it a really versatile product.

Raspad is strongly footed with its Kickstarter campaign

Raspad is going through a Kickstarter campaign already overreached its funding target comfortably with nearly thousand backers and still counting. With a strong track record and several successful products, it is likely to come out as a marketable product quite soon. As per the company, the final tests are already over and the company is planning to start mass production of the tablet anytime soon.

Pricing and availability

Pledging for Raspad on Kickstarter will be quite lucrative as the product is offered for early bird buyers at just $129 against a market price which is going to be at least twice along with basic accessories. The product is going to be shipped from May this year.


Raspad offers all the strengths of successful Raspberry computer with several value additions like portable tablet design, more learner-friendly interface and visual programming software. It comes as the company’s most powerful package so far.