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Qwerkywriter – The Quirky Keyboard that is banking on nostalgia and design for success!



As our culture becomes volatile because of technology and the web world, most of us equate mistake nostalgia for authenticity. We rely on gadgets that go beyond a single definition or a single benefit. In this era, nostalgia is a powerful brand itself and this is where the Qwerkywriter succeeds in evoking curiosity. It has been styled to look like a typical typewriter of old.

Early Impressions of Qwerkywriter

The product has been a Kickstarter success and it is a fine example of nostalgia that is also posing for authenticity. The Qwerkywriter looks like an aluminium typewriter and works like a mechanical keyboard. The keycaps and chrome line space is designed like the best classic typewriters.

With the Qwerkywriter also boasting of Bluetooth support, one can easily connect it with a tablet, smartphone, or even a personal computer. The battery life extends up to three months on a single charge.

Is it Easy to Type?

The rounded keycaps are not easy to get started at the start but then after a while, one can type on it like a breeze. Qwerkywriter is essentially a typewriter where the line space has been replaced with Enter key. Around 5 keystrokes can be stored in memory too.

The keyboard includes mechanical keys that are extremely clicky that might put off some people while some might love it. The Kailh Blue mechanical switches are in use here.

While typing with the Qwerkywriter, one might feel that there should have been more adjustability with the stand. You might have just one viewing angle and depending the device you connect it to, the experience will change. One can use the iPad by placing it vertically on the keyboard. The home button might get lost but one can use a five finger gesture to get back. Or one can use it in landscape mode. One can even activate Voice Over or use CTRL+CMD+H to get to the home page. For other tablets, it is difficult altogether to get to the home page since the home button is completely hidden. Some other salient features include

  • Keycaps are spaced 0.5mm farther than those in a chiclet keyboard
  • Learning curve involved in typing.
  • Windows/OS X Command keys are ditched in favor of custom “Qwerky” key.


It is strikingly beautiful and extremely attractive. Its weight is not much of a issue with 1,253 grams (2.8 pounds) and a good aluminium finish. The old-time rigidity is spectacular and it features USB and Bluetooth connections too, and the micro-USB port is used to charge the battery. A fake paper table for fitting in gadgets makes it look like a perfect ersatz word processor.

It can be used as a Bluetooth keyboard but the angle can be actually too steep for use with the tablet. The keyboard needs to be pushed half a foot farther away and even have to slouch to write the lines.The Qwerkywriter is portable enough to carry in any messenger bag but one might experience some hand cramps with it.

The Qwerkywriter team has added that the foam insert will help considerably if there are any tilting problems.

Pricing and Verdict

At $400, the Qwerkywriter is expensive and why not. It is actually functional art and an attention-grabber. Those who want it as a collector item and have $400 to splurge on a keyboard, will be quite happy with it.