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Pup – The Connected Pocket Scanner to Scan Faster

Pup Connected Pocket Scanner

Pup is a connected pocket scanner to push all your papers in 1 clic to your mailbox, your dropbox or your computer. The Pup is connected to your favorite clouds. Pup is an easy-to-use pocket scanner with just one tiny button on it. Pup is 100% automatic and it connects straight to your cloud. Pup is like a nomad device- small, wireless and stand-alone.

7Next, french startup, aims to re-invent everyday things. The Pup is their new product. The Pup is the first ever connected pocket scanner.

Some Notable Features of Pup

  • It is mobile: tiny, lightweight, wireless, with a long-lasting battery.
  • The Pup is very simple to use thanks to its unique button.
  • It is smart: it automatically takes care of every step, from your sheet of paper to its destination on the internet.

Aim, click, that’s it !


The Pup is so simple to use:

  • Choose your scenario
  • Fit the laser to the pages and press the button

That’s it! Your document has just been transferred according to your choice.


It allows you to stay comfortable where you are without moving around.

You don’t need to worry about paper dimensions any more.

Your documents are automatically and safely routed where you need them.


  • The Pup is your nomad companion.
  • It follows you everywhere.
  • It takes care of everything and lets you focus on what really matters to you.


The Pup will bring you new creative scenarios every day, so you can stay up to date with your favorite networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram… They can all be reached in one click.

It will even help you import your documents into Word and Excel.

Works with Everything

The Pup can scan everything, it even works with books.

It is smart and automatically fixes any reflection or page curve issues.

The Pup comes with its own lights and does not relies on the ambient lighting.

Pup Pocket Scanner

So much Powerful than your Smartphone

Smartphone has become an easy option when it comes to capturing a document on the go. But it is not really efficient: random quality, many click per page, reflection problems… The Pup was created having all these concerns in mind. Every tiny step of the scan chain was studied to bring you a very simple, smooth and fast experience.

The Mozaic Feature for Large Formats

Some people are interested in very large format, such as A2 (large poster dimensions). In this situation, we offer you a way to capture as many HD slices of the image as needed. Then you can ask the Pup to compute and render the whole image by assembling the parts.

OCR to Help Import to Word and Excel?

Yes, we are providing OCR feature. It will extract text fragments from your image and allow you to import them into Word & Excel.

Pup is Buzzing on Indiegogo!

The Indiegogo campaign was funded in less than two days. It now has reached $100,000.

Videos were viewed almost 5M times.

7Next is raising money to fund production and deliver its products in June.