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Prynt Case – The Printer that can Capture Moving Pictures


Unlike photos in Muggle world, the wizarding world has moving photographs. Each living image capturing people moving around, and some people even manage to “visit” other pictures.

But that was a magical world, you would argue. Enter the Prynt Case which is a ZINK paper-based accessory for printing. It connects to smartphones and makes use of augmented reality with the help of an app. It incorporates videos on printed photos making it the closest thing to the world of Harry Potter.

The Vision behind Moving Pictures and its Prints

Launched on Kickstarter, Prynt Corp.’s new gadget was quickly funded and received multiple investments more than $50,000 goal, collecting nearly $1.5 million till the campaign closed. Kickstarter backers have started sending out Prynt Cases last year while now the company is taking orders through its website.

Once a color is picked, the right adapter is required for your smartphone. One can buy a different adapter for $19 if you happen to change your phone. After spending money on the gadget itself, the company dispatches a free pack of 10 ZINK papersheets inside a box. Using the Prynt app, one can print live photos by unlocking short video clip.

Prynting Videos is now Easy with Prynt Case

The Prynt Case is a bit chunky and plasticky and the connection to the phone is far from seamless. One has to jam the phone with force to make sure the phone does not disconnect easily. One has to snap the phone adapter with the Prynt Case while pushing in ZINK paper to the tray. The price of a 20-sheet pack is $10, a 30-sheet pack is priced at for $15 while 50 ZINK sheets are available for $25.

  • Creating “Harry Potter-style” photos with the help of augmented reality is just a small snapshot away.
  • The Prynt app works with a typical camera app, and includes a red shutter button, a back and front camera flip switch, flash toggle, and also a button for the camera roll accessibility.
  • One can scan photos with a press to the specific button too.
  • Press the onscreen shutter button or physical shutter button for capturing a photo to record an attached five-second video for the specific photo.
  • Before printing a photo, one can edit the same with the photo editor, enhance the photo’s colors, add multiple filter, frames and stickers. One can add relevant text and doodles too.
  • But one has to edit  the same immediately since there is no option to edit it after it is saved.

Rendering the Live Photos

As part of the printing process, the photo is “rendered” within 50 seconds, to deliver a strong 2 x 3-inch sticker photo reminiscent of the Zip Instant Photoprinter print out. Colors are darker in the results and usually have a cooler temperature rendition than in real life.

The app is easy to use although there is no way to delete Prynt photos or even change the privacy of the video after setting it. The bugs are expected to be squashed and since it is a pre-release version, one can find huge changes when it is launched for the better.

Features come at a Price!

The Prynt Case is priced at $149 and is aligned with the price of other ZINK paper-based printers. With the Prynt app, all printed photos will scale beyond the paper images, with living moments that will showcase the scene for a short duration of time. The scanner will also add an audio overlay for every photo.