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Protonet Zoe – Smart Home Hub with Full Data Sovereignty

Protonet Zoe

With a firm focus on the $15.6 billion industry of US alone, Protonet is focusing on ease and convenience of devices while not compromising on security measures.

Lack of privacy has been a major concern for many. This fact inspired Protonet to create Zoe, a smart home hub that is being funded through an indigenous Indiegogo campaign. Since it is not connected to the cloud or any server, the device offers greater data security for owners.

Here is the first cloud-independent Smart Home Hub that promises full data sovereignty. This smart home hub is known to understand more than 1,500 different commands, includes comprehensive voice control drops, 2 GB encrypted storage, a completely decentralized system and is open source.

The makers believe that any fractional improvement of the device being connected to a huge data center is not worthy of cloud connections and thus losing data security and privacy.

4 Basic Features of the Protonet Zoe

  1. The hub listens and is extremely adaptive.
  2. An easy to use hub that is attractive in design.
  3. Compatible with other smart home products.
  4. Includes full data sovereignty with no private data stored in external cloud service.

An Introduction of Protonet

Protonet is a leading provider of collaboration solutions. The company has relied on international crowdfunding through Indiegogo for funding Protonet ZOE manufacturing and implementation. Ali Jelveh, founder of Protonet is keen to highlight their aesthetic Smart Home Hubs that features intelligent voice recognition, inherent learning approach and the like.

Smart Home is a dominant theme in most European and American markets and hence the product is expected to push the envelope in the segment soon.

5 Salient Attributes of Zoe Smart Home Hub

1. Optical Detection Mode in Smart Homes

Zoe is available in different designs and textures that is also adaptable to the living environment. Thanks to replaceable covers of different colours, one can dress up the device to match the decor. Additionally, it boasts of variable luminous LED light so that it can adapt to the mood of the owner and can be part of any room concept.

2. Self Learning Device

Protonet ZOE has a simple usable mobile interface and includes 1,500 voice commands that it learns with software updates. It can grow its vocabulary and even detect the syntax of new records. All voice data is stored locally in its encrypted storage. All the voice commands are privately stored.

3. Decentralized and Independent of External Cloud Providers

The new Smart Hub Home is available in a decentralized avatar and is entirely independent of cloud providers and does not need internet connection too. Protonet ZOE learns over time behaviours and requests and the product is expandable with two additional USB ports too.

4. Support for Varied Connectivity Technologies and Interfaces

The Zoe Smart Home Hub supports wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and even multiple Cloud Connected Devices  including Google NEST and Philips Hue.

5. Open Source and Free

The new smart home product is open source and hence mobile app developers will find it easy to develop relevant apps for the same. As per latest reports, the device will include customizable Art Covers, and a series of Drop speakers that can be kept in any part of your home which will link to the hub. All the data will be stored, analysed, and even monetized locally.

Price and Availability

Early pre-orders can save nearly 50% on the final cost for the Protonet Zoe Smart Home Hub at a price of $149 while Zoe drop will be priced at $69. It will be available from December 2016 and the cost will then be raised to $299.