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Protect Your Home With The New Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock

Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock
Who needs old-fashioned keys when we have the Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock. With the Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock, you get a choice of PIN, key fob, card or smartphone entry, so you never have to worry about getting locked out again. In case your PIN is leaked or your physical entry methods are stolen, you can quickly bar access without having to replace any locks. Replacing an existing cylinder, this lock is a simple addition to most homes with wooden front doors.

Secure Your Home Without A Key.

You can secure your home without the need for a key, thanks to the Yale Keyless Smart Lock. It is simple to use. You can now have complete control on how you unlock your door. There’s no need to worry if your children arrive home early, or if you’re stuck at work with friends on your doorstep. You control who and when people have access to your home. For example, you can set a PIN code that works for 24 hours for a family member or your cleaning person.

Keypad And A Handle.

The design of the lock is such that is it attaches to an existing night latch. It replaces the key cylinder on the outside with a futuristic-looking keypad and handle. The lock simply replaces your existing cylinder. The base level of security remains the same as before.
You can more easily deny entry and exit to your home. This way security is actually better. One negative point of the lock is that the Keyless Connected Smart Lock doesn’t support double-locking night latches. For those doors with glass panels – so an intruder could break one and unlatch the door – you may still need a physical deadlock with a key.

Easy Installation.

Installation is pretty straightforward. Once you have removed your old lock and cylinder, you need to drill an additional 20mm hole in your door using the template provided. This new hole takes the power cable to the lock and gives you an additional mounting point for the keypad. You can also attach the keypad to your night latch’s existing backing plate. If your key only turned one way, there’s an optional mounting plate that restricts the unlock handle’s direction of movement. Leave this out, and the handle turns both ways. You are free to choose as to how you would like to open your door. It is also easy to add and remove users if you need to.

Comes With Batteries.

Feeling safe and secure is a must for any home owner. The smart lock comes with a tamper alarm and incorrect PIN code feature. The smart lock is powered by 4 AA batteries, so it will work even if there is no electricity. It will even warn you when the batteries are running low. The Keyless Connected smart lock can connect to leading smart home systems when the appropriate module is fitted. It also connects to the Yale Smartphone Alarm and CCTV systems when you use the Yale module.

Features Of The Smart Lock.

  • The Ready Smart Lock can replaces existing rim cylinder.
  • The lock comes with a touch screen with backlit keypad.
  • The lock is battery operated.
  • It has a low battery indicator with emergency battery connection.
  • The user codes and settings on the lock still remain even if batteries are replaced.
  • There can be a 3 minute lock out if the code is entered incorrectly 5 times.
  • It can tamper the alarm.
  • It can be used for use on timber doors
  • The Ready Smart Lock comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Available On Amazon.

The Keyless Connected Ready smart lock can connect to leading smart home systems when the appropriate module is fitted. The following modules are available separately:

  • Remote Fob module – allows you to open the lock with a Remote Fob
  • Yale module
  • Z-Wave module

The Smart Lock is available for £127.99 on Amazon.