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Pro 7 and 7 Plus: Meizu Finally Launched Its Dual Screen Smartphones

meizu Pro 7 and 7 Plus

Meizu just recently previewed a new flagship device in the month of July. It is now officially announcing these new flagship devices, the Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus. A unique feature of this new Pro 7 range is a second AMOLED display on the back of the screen. Meizu claims to strive for continuous innovation, and it also achieves that.

Fenetre Display.

The new Pro 7 comes with an all-new combination of the dual rear cameras and fenêtre display. This mix creates brand-new selfie possibilities. There is exact tuning of beautification algorithms which makes your selfies even more interesting. The fenêtre display allows you to see yourself in real-time. This helps you capture that perfect smile easily.

You don’t need to worry about managing all your notifications, thanks to Fenetre display. It helps you disregard undesired reminders while you are busy doing your thing. It makes sure you will never miss out on important messages in your free time. The fenêtre display helps you see a different aspect of things. This way it allows you a new form of communication between you and people around you. The vivid and dynamic images it produces will instantly bring you closer to others. The fenêtre display has an amazing music player function. It brings you the music that you really love and does this without any distractions.

Incredible Design.

It comes with a stunning brushed black color. This was created using casting technology at the micron level. The process also includes countless times of polishing and brushing. The all-new combination of the dual rear cameras and the fenêtre display has created brand-new selfie possibilities. Precise tuning of beautification algorithms makes your selfies even more interesting.

Stunning Dual Camera.

A single lens of the Sony IMX386 on PRO 6 Plus would be enough to amaze people. But with the PRO 7, Meizu aims higher. There is a customized dual 12-megapixel camera. It lets you capture the most beautiful with very little effort. It is equipped with a new upgraded picture processing chip. This chip is completely new for the PRO 7.

The amazing 16-megapixel front camera reveals every single detail. There is a four-in-one algorithm. This algorithm is activated automatically in dark environments. This will double its photosensitive performance. Meizu adds a blurring option which allows you to enjoy the shooting effects of an SLR camera.

Color & Monochrome Combination.

There is color and monochrome combination dual-camera in the PRO 7. This technology allows you to capture extraordinary night images. The color lens captures the color while the monochrome lens helps capture other detail. The quality of the picture is upgraded this way. A dark environment is made suitable for shooting, thanks to the multi-frame noise reduction algorithms. The built-in monochrome lens of the PRO 7 brings great detail and layering effects to your pictures.

Storage and Battery.

The Meizu Pro 7 comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It runs on a Helio P25 processor. The Pro 7 plus boosts these specs up a bit. It has a 5.7-inch QHD display, 6GB of RAM and a Helio P30 processor. It offers a choice of 64GB or 128GB of storage. The Pro 7 has a 3000mAh battery, while the Pro 7 Plus offers a 3500mAh battery.

No News On Release Date.

The Meizu Pro 7 will cost approximately $430. While the Pro 7 Plus will be available for around $530. The Pro 7 is available in colors Black, Gold, and Red. The Pro 7 Plus adds two more colors, namely: Crystal Silver and Space Black.