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Prizm – The Music Brain that will Play your Music Preferences Easily!

Prizm - The Music Brain

Imagine your music player detecting your presence in the room and playing your favourite playlist of your favourite genre. Or let’s say the entire party is dying down, and heavy metal is going to do no good. It’s time for the playlists to be changed and some music is required to amp up the mood.

Some years back, this idea would have met a huge wave of sarcastic comments, but now there is actually a player that can do that!

Prizm is one of the most innovative music players that revolves around your personal music preferences.

By detecting who is present in the room, along with music preferences along with current mood, Prizm picks up the best tracks that would please everyone.

The perfect music from the perfect music player is the idea.

Prizm – The Future in Music Players is Actually Here!

Prizm - The Music Brain

Prizm creates a unique experience of enjoying music with a group of friends in a room, suiting each of the individual preferences. The music player recognizes you, your friends and your family’s preferences and adapts the music, based on your choices.

  • Since it plays music directly from diverse music streaming accounts, Prizm explores a wide range of music genres, particularly from its 35 million titles catalog.
  • If you happen to listen to some great song, touch the heart button to store it in your Soundcloud playlist, so that you can play it later too.
  • Prizm is all dependent on your playlists. Once you get your preferences stored, it switches to other songs of the same genre. Once you interact with it, it makes it a point to remember your music preferences, tastes, genre inclinations based on mood and consistent habits.

Just play Prizm and fall in love with music all over again!

The Idea behind the Maverick Music Player

Prizm is actually a connected object that can play perfect tunes on the speakers based on the people nearby. The player depends on a number of microphone and algorithm sensors for assessing multiple music preferences along with the atmosphere of the moment. Then it makes the choice from millions of songs without having to connect to a computer, or even speakers. Prizm provides the exact music inclinations of the group and gets them in a frenzy.

The Brains behind the Brain

Ubithings are the brains behind Prizm and its innovative idea. The Prizm Music Brain is in reality as 2016 CES Innovation Award winner which even assesses the temperature of the room and suits the people in the room with the right set of musical songs.

  • The pyramid-shaped device plays through a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, or Bluetooth, or even an optical cable.
  • It makes use of varied internal sensors for evaluating the noise level of the room to set the music volume accordingly.
  • The device can be linked to a music account from your existing playlists in Soundcloud, Deezer, or Spotify so that the system gets accustomed to the music you like.
  • If you do not like the song played on it, one can just press the cross sign on the pyramid box or the heart sign to indicate that you like it.
  • The smart music player uses AI software for understanding your tastes in new music and uses an internal mic to assess the room. WiFi and Bluetooth signals are used for individual detection. Guests can add their own musical taste to the Prizm Music Brain.

The Prizm Music Brain is set to roll out this spring, with a list price of about $160 (€149).