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PowerPod Case: An Alternative and Affordable AirPod Wireless Charging Case

PowerPod Case

Wireless charging is the fad of the day now, and no devices including earphones and mobile devices are going to miss the opportunity of going wireless. Apple is also going to launch its new AirPod charging case with wireless charging feature at the end of this year. But before that, there is a surprise already in the making and it is nothing but PowerPod case, an alternative and affordable wireless charging case. It looks cool and promising to take on even Apple’s yet to be launched a case.

There is a rumour going on for some time about Apple launching a new wireless charging case for the AirPods, and we expected it to happen sometime later this year. Many of us actually expected Apple to offer Qi wireless chargers along with already anticipated AirPower charging mat. But as fast the speculation goes, those new wireless charging cases designed especially for AirPods will at least cost around $69.

Though this is not something very precious for many people, but still something cheaper and affordable as a solution will be more appreciated. This is precisely the reason the recent Kickstarter campaign of a PowerPod charging case made so much buzz among Apple enthusiasts and tech community.

A medical student named Sameer Bhutani who is studying presently at the prestigious London School of Economics noticing this impending dilemma came with a new innovative solution that can be a credible alternative to the Apple’s PowerPod wireless charging case. This little charging case allows wirelessly charging the AirPods while without costing a hefty price tag.

What is PowerPod Case and how it works?

PowerPod Case is a durable case made of silicone that holds your AirPod case inside. While your regular AirPod case holds the AirPods inside it is charged wirelessly by the outer silicon case. This case within a case approach may sound unique but proves to be quite effective in terms of offering extra protection to the AirPods and charging the pods wirelessly.

This innovative PowerPod Case is built from highly durable and totally heat-resistant black silicone, and it just covers the original AirPod case like an outer protective sleeve. It comes with a flush lightning connector which remains fixed in the bottom allowing sliding the lighting port of the AirPod case quite easily. For charging this silicone cover case, there is copper charging coil hidden almost imperceptibly in the middle of the two silicon layers of silicone. The whole case is designed as ultra slim and smooth. It follows common wireless charging specs and standards which means it can easily take charge from any regular charging pad.

The real benefits

While every new high tech and innovative product is beaten by a better and more exhilarating product user experience, making the innovative solution affordable and within reach of the financial capacity is a prime concern. Instead of buying a brand new charging case sporting a hefty price tag one can just go for this new innovation quietly conceptualised and designed by a student.

The PowerPod Case is not just a cheaper and more affordable alternative to forthcoming Apple wireless charging case, but it is also a well equipped charging solution that over time will help to safeguard your batteries. Besides protecting your wallet from spending a hefty sum on AirPod charging case, it also keeps your battery in healthy conditions and saves the environment from unwanted pollution.

Price and availability

The product at present going through a Kickstarter campaign with each piece drawing a “super early bird” price of $20, which is unbelievably less than the price forthcoming Apple wireless charging case for AirPods. It is expected to be shipped from July this year flaunting a price of $40. So, it is actually going to come in the market at the same time when Apple is going to release its proprietary PowerPod Case.

In summation

A mere $20 for an innovative product designed and launched by a student looks cool, given its potential to beat the big brother Apple with an affordable product. Moreover, with this case you can still cling to your old AirPod case while enjoying the wireless charging benefits. This looks really promising for an innovative product like this.