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Porsche Design Reveals 2-in-1 at The Mobile World Congress 2017

Porsche Design

A few days ago, at the Mobile World Congress 2017 show in Barcelona, Spain, Porsche Design Computing revealed the Book One 2-in-1 device sporting Windows 10 Pro. The notable feature about this 2-in-1 is that it not only includes a detachable keyboard, but the outline features a patented hinge that provides 360 degrees of rotation so that the screen can be adjusted to theater mode, tent mode, tablet mode, and so on.

Aluminum Housing.

The Book One has got a sleek and elegant look. It sports a Pure Silver milled aluminum housing covered by a matte anodized surface finish. The Porsche Design branding inhabits at the top of the tablet and along the bottom edge of the screen. The keyboard of the 2-in-1 needs to be connected for the tablet battery to charge.

A Digital Pen.

The 2-in-1 Book One comes with a digital pen created by Porsche Design and manufactured by Wacom. The pen is optimized for Windows Ink and housed in anodized aluminum. The peripheral provides a function key, a delete key, and a pressure sensitivity of 2,048 points. The pen can be stored away in the magnetic holder built into the right side of the Book One.

Windows 10 Pro.

The Porsche Design BOOK ONE is built to qualify the best of Windows 10 Pro. Both the touch display and the Precision Touchpad for Windows 10 Pro use high-precision, multi-gesture control interfaces. The digital stylus input function is advanced for use with Windows Ink. You can easily draw and take notes on the touchscreen, or draw on websites in Microsoft Edge. Tablet Mode in Windows 10 Pro gives you a smooth, touch-first experience. Your apps will run smoothly, and onscreen features will comply for easy navigation.

Hinges Made of Stainless Steel.

The hinge mechanisms on Book One are made of polished stainless steel. They roll smoothly over each other and keep the two halves closely matched. That’s because of a small additional mechanism that Porsche calls the intelligent distance ring. This intelligent distance ring elegantly tilts the hinges around each other.

Comes with Cortana.

Book One has a 5 MP camera with an infrared sensor which allows you to login simply and securely with facial recognition using Windows Hello. It also has your digital personal assistant – Cortana. It is built-in to help you find things, complete tasks, set reminders and do work more productively.

A Secondary Built-in Battery.

The detachable keyboard on Book One includes a secondary built-in battery. When that is combined with the tablet’s battery it can provide up to 14 hours of standard use on a single charge. The peripheral consists of full-sized keys with a dimmable backlight. It has a Microsoft-certified precision touchpad supports multiple gestures, and a USB Type-C power port that charges the battery in under two hours. The built-in VarioGear hinge appears to seal into the tablet so that the keyboard can create a laptop form factor with a 360-degree screen rotation.

How is Book One Different From Surface Book?

Apart from the Porsche Design logo, the major difference between Book One and a Surface Book is the hinge. Book One’s screen is detachable, like the Surface Book’s, but it can also rotate 360 degrees, while that’s not possible on the Surface Book. While this is slightly more expensive than the base Surface Book, at least you’re getting the hinge, more current ports, and branding.

Shipping in April.

Porsche Design is based out of Ludwigsburg, Germany, and is widely known as a premium brand that brings the principles and spirit of Porsche to lifestyle products. These products include sunglasses, watches, and external hard drives designed for LaCie and Seagate. The device’s 13.3-inch display has 3,200 x 1,800 pixel resolution. It runs on an Intel Core i7 processor. Book One has 512GB of storage, 16GB of RAM, two USB-C ports and two USB 3.0 connections. The Book One ships in April for $2,495.