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PocketSprite: A Tiny Pocket Gaming Console for an Anytime Anywhere Gaming Experience


If you are already familiar with the term pocket gaming emulator but didn’t see something like PocketSprite you have still a lot of things to learn. Yes, this cute little device is said to be the world’s smallest emulation device for game playing. It is ultra handy with a too portable size for playing most of the classic games. If you want something handy and instantly accessible to play some classic games, there is not a better option than PocketSprite.

Easy gaming experience delivered

Thanks to PocketSprite you can play all your favourite classic games like Game Boy, Game Gear, etc. You can play, postpone and put it in the middle of game play, add new games and apps and continue like that. This incredibly easy game playing device just easily fits on your keyring. To add more spice to new games from the developers, it also offers a fully featured development platform for all little games. This portable gaming console has basically been designed to deliver unmatched gaming experience irrespective of where you are.

It’s an awesome open source development platform as well

PocketSprite comes as an unmatched gaming console that equally works as a fully featured and matured development platform with a full-colour, high-contrast OLED screen, clean sound output, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, storage along with a rechargeable battery built in. Thanks to the open source toolchain and rich bootloader PocketSprite makes development a sweepingly easy task. Developers can easily write different types of games for this console participate in the coding challenge thrown by the platform. Developers who like a system to build their games on a real game playing console will fall in love with PocketSprite.

The Reasons PocketSprite stands apart?

Let us have a look at some of the key attributes of design, feature set and strong points that make this console stand out.

  • It comes in a tiny size that just fits on a keychain while allowing cool game playing.
  • It allows playing a vast majority of retro and classic games like Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Master System, and Game Gear games.
  • It allows you resuming game playing instantly where you left off.
  • It allows updating games with just a single click through Wi-Fi.
  • The battery is rechargeable and allows you to play games for hours with just a single charge.
  • It is built with durable and high-quality materials along with tactile buttons for adjusting volume and brightness.
  • It comes packed with an instruction sheet to guide you starting with the PocketSprite.
  • It offers open source software and hardware listed on GitHub.
  • PocketSprite also offers Coding Challenge with €1000 prize money for the deserving developers.

Open source platform

The PocketSprite is a robust open source platform as well. Any new thing coming up with the platform will find its place in the GitHub repositories of the platform. This in the time to come will allow more developers flourish their creative abilities while building games for the device.

Developers can easily write their code in pieces and bold games brick by brick and update frequently with new features. With so much ease and developer friendly attributes offered by the platform, there is no wonder in the fact that it unleashed even a contest to push excellence with prize money of €1000. All these make PocketSprite truly unique in-game playing capabilities for building robust and useful games with unmatched ease of updating and upgrading.

Two versions: Fully-assembled and Kit

The PocketSprite is delivered in two distinct versions, respectively as the fully-assembled version and the kit version. Obviously, most of us would like to go for the fully-assembled one for a gaming experience delivered in a piece of device, but in case one looks for a different miniature gaming experience on different surfaces like the table and carpet with the control of tiny buttons, they can go for the kit version. So, without really trying your technical tools for opening the device, you have every bit of it ready to allow you access.


It is true that PocketSprite is truly a one of a kind gaming device that comes packed with everything that a pocket gaming console can be imagined with. Apart from the tiny, keyring attached form factor and unmatched gaming ease, it is also equipped for game developers to try their creative ideas and come up with award-winning games. It is really a powerful package packed in a tiny pocket console.