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PLAYBASE: An All-In-One Speaker And a TV Stand

Sonos Playbase

It’s been over a year since Sonos’ last product released and this week we finally get a look at what the company has been working on this whole time. Sonos has created something called the Playbase. It’s a new device that combines a stable pedestal for your TV with an audio cabinet. The Playbase was created to allow people to set their televisions right on top of the speaker, allowing for a compact home theater solution. The Playbase isn’t cheap, but in return for your financial investment, you’ll get a compact and flexible audio solution that integrates seamlessly with other Sonos speakers in your home.

Slim, Low Profile Design.

Most TVs end up on stands and furniture. This is exactly why PLAYBASE was created. Its low profile design practically disappears beneath your TV, yet it fills your entire viewing room with epic home theater audio. The slim, low profile PLAYBASE adds dynamic, pulse-pounding sound to whatever’s playing when your TV’s on be it movies, TV shows, sports, gaming. It also streams your favorite music when it’s off.

Impressive Features.

1. Two Cord: PLAYBASE has just two cords. One is a power cord and the other one is an optical cord for your TV. There is no need to even to read the manual. The Sonos app will guide you through every step of set up.

2. Send TV Sound Everywhere: PLAYBASE makes movies, sports, games, and music come alive. You can also add more Sonos speakers and you can listen to what’s playing on your TV in any room.

3. Power of 10: PLAYBASE has ten amplified internal drivers–six mid-range, three tweeters, and one woofer. This will exchange the limited output of your TV’s built-in speakers with heavier booms, crystal-clear whispers, and huge waves of sound.

4. App: Using the PLAYBASE app, you can search instantly through all your music services to find the songs you love. You can send them to different rooms, and adjust the volume and other settings for each room.

5. Plays Everything: Sonos plays everything- right from popular streaming services, free Internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, your collection of downloads.


With the help of Trueplay, you can set your home theater speakers up to the way you want. For that, Trueplay will analyze the room size, layout, décor, speaker placement, and any other acoustic factors that can impact sound quality. Trueplay will literally adjust how each woofer and tweeter produces sound. Trueplay makes use of your Sonos app and the microphone on your iPhone or iPad to measure how sound reflects off walls, furniture and other surfaces in a room. Then by making some precise acoustic adjustments to your speaker, it will make sure you always hear the purest sound possible.

Other Features.

Speech Enhancement Setting: This setting helps keep dialog volume consistent while reducing the intensity of loud sound effects. This way you can clearly understand even the faintest whisper.

Night Sound Setting: If you don’t want to disturb the other people in the house, turn on Night Sound. What Night Sound does is that at lower volumes, quiet sounds get a slight boost while loud ones are automatically reduced.

Play Everything: Be it Cable box, Gaming consoles, or Blu-ray players, if it’s connected to your TV, PLAYBASE will play it.

No Wallmount: PLAYBASE will securely support TVs up to 77 lbs (35 kg). That covers just about any TV that comes with its own stand.

Available in April.

The Sonos Playbase will be available on April 4, 2017, for $699, £699 or AU$999. It is already available for preorder for pre-existing Sonos owners with versions available in both black and white.