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Let Ping Help you Locate your Belongings

Ping GPS Tracker

Are you one of those people who often forget where they kept their keys or parked their car in the mall parking lot? I’m sure a lot of us deal with this on a regular basis. But you don’t need to worry now because Ping is here to assist you on that.

Meet Ping

With the growing demand for tech products, we have tech support on almost everything relating to our daily life, right from our digital alarm clocks, to the fancy fitness bands and devices that help us fall asleep easily at the end of the day. We have one more device to add to the army of daily tech products. Meet Ping. It is no regular device. It’s a compact and easy to locate Bluetooth tracker that helps you find your loved ones and belongings in order for you to get to know where exactly they are.

Tiny in Size

Ping is a Bluetooth tracker, very similar to Tile and TrackR, to track things that you easily leave under the couch or your car seat. Ping is world’s smallest personal GPS locator with the size of a coin. It is just 1.34 inch big and is durable and waterproof. We have a lot of Bluetooth trackers in the market, but none can be compared to Ping because they are all big and heavy. On the other hand, Ping is such a device that easily fits in your pocket, or you can even tie it to a thing you think will forget.

What’s Unique About Ping?

The reason why it stands out is that it is tiny in size, compared to other Bluetooth trackers in the market. It is also durable and waterproof. Most Bluetooth trackers are not easy to deal with, but Ping is one such device that is easy to handle and easy to locate, which is the main purpose of a Bluetooth tracker. Other Bluetooth trackers can cover up to only 35 feet of distance, but this tracker can let you know the location of your belongings no matter in which corner of the world they are.

Ping uses Bluetooth, Cellular, and GPS to locate things next door or anywhere in the world. Other trackers come with a battery life of maximum 72 hours, but Ping can go on for 3 months with a full charge. Also, the subscription on other trackers can be very expensive, starting from $10 per month. While Ping offers a subscription for just $3 per month, which is pretty cheap.

Notable Features

  1. Waterproof: It is waterproof up to 10 feet underwater.
  2. Rechargeable: The Ping is rechargeable and the battery can go on up to 3 months.
  3. One Touch Check-in: Just one click and you can check-in on Ping.
  4. SOS Alerts: Using Ping, you can easily get SOS alerts, you can either notify someone of a location or ask for assistance.
  5. Attachable: Ping is easily attachable.
  6. Data Plan: Ping includes the data plan in the first year of purchase, and from the next year it charges $36 per year, per device.
  7. Multiple Signals: Ping uses Bluetooth, GPS, and Cellular signals to locate things.

How does it Work?

Step 1: On the app, you’ll find the people and things with whom you have left Ping. It could be your kids, your dog, or your car. Tap on what you want to find and you will find the exact distance and location.

Step 2: After you click on that thing, the app will start locating that thing.

Step 3: After that, Ping will give you details about the distance and location of the thing.


Ping is world’s smallest locator for important things, kids, or pets. It is also easy to handle and use. Ping can be pre-ordered now on Indiegogo for $99.