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Pimax 8K: Redefining The VR Headset Views

Pimax 8K

VR headsets in spite of rising in popularity still did not become so much mainstream as they were expected to be. The biggest pulling factors for most VR gadgets have been less than the satisfactory field of views and motion sickness. Adjusting to the natural views and optical perception of objects has been the biggest challenge so far for the majority of VR headsets. The new Pimax 8K VR headset will solve all these problems and allow a VR gaming and video watching experience previously unknown with most such devices.

Presently going through a Kickstarter campaign Pimax 8K is available for $499. Offering awesome 200-degree field of view which by many ways comes close to the natural human field of view. With a whopping 2 3840×2160 resolution displays, it offers 16.6 million pixel count allowing sharper than ever visual quality. Whether through enlarged field view or through deeper and richer pixels the new Pimax 8K is loaded with unmatched visual delivery capacity.

All these put together simply mean that the new Pimax 8K is capable to get over all the limitations commonly associated with any VR headset. As per the company’s claim the new VR headset will be totally free from the motion sickness which is common with most other VR devices. Peripheral vision capacity of the new VR headset will not only allow larger viewing field but will also help to make the experience more immersive and true to life. The best thing is unlike other VR headsets you don’t need to move around your head much with Pimax 8K.

What is really so special about it?

As far as the visuals are considered Pimax 8K literally us the first VR headset product to achieve so many feats of superior visual experience at just one go. By refining elements of the earlier 4K VR headset model on several aspects, the company almost perfected the VR experience to the optimum limit with the new headset. Anyone from the very first moment of using this device will realise that the experience is totally different and more immersive than ever before. With the new VR headset issues concerning brightness and low light viewing, the challenge is completely resolved.

Pimax 8K is outstanding and one of its kind VR headset that for the first time offers a 200° Field of Vision (FOV) that matches the natural human field of vision perfectly. With such wider field of vision users can use peripheral vision capacity as with their own eyes and this would prevent them from moving their head in most cases. It would be more like watching things happen and approaching with your own eyes moving around.

Visual experience redefined

Another major outcome of the new product is the elimination of the “screen door effect” widely considered as a big shortcoming with most VR headsets. With most VR headsets our eyes can easily detect several fine lines appearing in an image. This obviously hinders the immersive experience of the virtual reality that we look forward to. With new Pimax 8K you no longer find these lines pulling your VR watching experience. Furthermore, with awesome and unmatched pixel count you would have crispier and grainless visuals than ever before.

The new Pimax headset has another thing called Brainwarp which delivers pixels in order to eliminate motion sickness and issues pertaining to latency. It achieved many enhancements from its earlier 4K predecessor. For example, while the earlier 4K version was entitled to run a single image at the 150 to 180 per second frame rate offering 4K quality, the users of Pimax 8K will enjoy the same image with 8K level clarity at the same frame rate.

Pimax 8K also supports both outside-in and inside-out tracking, with the user being able to switch between the two when they want. The outside-in solution is even compatible with Steam lighthouses and accessories. On top of that, it’s compatible with over 1,700 games and experiences on the Steam store, so you won’t be lacking in the content department.

Great audio counts too

The new Pinax 8K also comes loaded with 2 built-in speakers and tracking controllers. Optical eye tracking feature and hand motion support will nail the experience further to be more immersive and lifelike.

In all respects, the new VR headset of Pimax seems to outwit most other headsets in the market presently. Though how the device will perform with the vast majority of the game and VR video titles, is still a thing to observe.