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Pictar – Transform your iPhone Camera like a DSLR Camera


For many people, the iPhone camera is the first and the foremost camera for clicks. Most of them do not need a separate digital camera for hobby use and for basic photos of themselves, friends and family. Professional photographers would need better and higher quality photos, while also carrying some camera upgrades along the way. Some of them even prefer to upgrade your iPhone with some accessories. The PICTAR camera grip is one accessory that can transform your iPhone into a device that would be reminiscent of a basic professional DSLR.

The Popularity of Smartphone Photography

Given the popularity of smartphone photography, many people refuse to buy a stand-alone camera. The best ones prefer using physical buttons and the ergonomic design. Off late, smartphone photography has received a fillip with the introduction of several docking devices that can convert smartphones into literal cameras. Pictar is one that is different from them too.

Salient Features of the Pictar

  • A molded hand grip with button controls.
  • Allows one-handed picture-taking.
  • Main shutter release reminiscent of the DSLR.
  • Half-way press sets the focus, while full press clicks the shot.
  • The ring helps users to zoom in and out and even to choose the front and rear cameras.
  • Programmable smart wheel helps users to control features of choice using an app to switch between camera modes.
  • Quarter-inch threaded tripod mount with cold shoe mount included for microphones and lights.
  • The phone communicates with Pictar with inaudible high-frequency signals thus consuming less power than even Bluetooth.

The Pictar Effect

Pictar Effect

The Pictar provides a grip that makes iPhone stable and comfortable, while also adding multiple physical buttons to it. It has a slide-on camera grip for the iPhone. And the best part is that unlike other grips and camera accessories that use Bluetooth, it uses ultrasonic sound waves that is connected with the app and the grip, and which helps in creating the actions. This technology is presumed to consume less battery usage and hence the case can be used for several weeks too without charging. Also the purists would love the design of the case, since it does resemble the Ricoh GR case, that is one good camera to hold.

Each wheel and button lets out a high frequency sound that can be picked up just by the iPhone’s mic but would be inaudible to your years. This feature helps in reducing the workload on the battery that a Bluetooth connection would bring about, and hence saves on much needed power.

The Makers and their Vision

Miggo is the company which designed and implemented the Pictar and presently working on funds on Kickstarter. One can pledge just about US$75 to buy one. This case is different than other attachments that promise a portable DSLR with covered smartphone lenses and grips, but the Pictar is a camera grip that communicates with the iPhone using ultrasound, a first in many respects.

The makers are trying to bring the innovative grip to market, and are trying to raise $100K and are expected to reach it in some time due to the popularity of its features.

The Kickstarter campaign has been popular amongst many and the company Miggo has managed to raise just over $8K. There are various early bird units available for a price of about $70, but once the early offer is put to rest, the camera grip will be available for about $90 that is expected to be shipped in December this year.