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Pictar: A Camera Grip For Your Phone That Helps You Take Amazing Pictures


In the last few years, Apple has forever changed the way we take pictures, and this started almost 10 years ago when Apple released its first phone. iPhones are capable of clicking some amazing pictures, without any doubt. But clicking pictures with the iPhones have always caused some or the other kind of problem. One of the major problems is that iPhone isn’t a camera. No matter how amazing the photographs are, it is still a phone. You always have to hold it with one hand in order to take a picture, which can be difficult at times. And using tripods or mounts specifically made for the iPhones is just too much work. But this is where Miggo comes in the picture.

Pictar And Pictar Plus.

Miggo has come up with cameras are like Pictar and Pictar Plus. Pictar is a camera grip that claims to turn your iPhone into a DSLR camera. So with the Pictar, you can now enhance your smartphone photography and produce outstanding pictures.

Perfect For Everyone.

Pictar is a powerful iPhone camera-grip. It connects easily to most iPhone and iPhone plus models. You can get unmatched control over the iPhone’s camera using a user friendly app. There are just five external buttons to control Pictar. It includes an interface that uses sound frequencies to activate the camera. This helps save battery power compared to the standard Bluetooth connection. Pictar was created to be used by mobile photographers of all levels. Pictar is perfect if you wish to get more from your iPhone camera. It is camera grip that helps firmly hold and easily control your phone camera. Pictar includes a padded pouch, wrist and neck strap.

The Five External Controls.

  1. Multi-state shutter button – This button is electronically adjusted to offer maximum sensitivity. It is as good as the one in a high-end camera. The half press mode offers to lock focus and exposure. This in turn helps in easy tracking of a moving object or to create the desired composition. It also has the full press button for immediate shutter release.
  2. Zoom ring – This button is located right under the index finger. This makes it easy for you to activate it with only one hand. To activate the zoom, you just have to rotate it left or right. But it can also be computed and adjusted to suit your specific needs.
  3. Selfie button – If you click the zoom ring, it will switch between the iPhone’s two cameras. This is done for easy selfie shots.
  4. Exposure compensation wheel – This button controls the amount of light entering the camera. This helps you to determine the exact level of exposure without complex menus.
  5. Smart wheel – This is a programmable button. It allows users to control a variety of functions. The wheel changes the camera’s 10 preset modes: manual, sport, landscape, portrait and more. This is a very useful button. You can also choose it to change it to control other functions.

The Pictar App.

It is  comes with a dedicated app with patented ultra-sonic operation system. Pictar app offers easy control of the iPhone’s camera. It has unique features such as manual focus, shutter priority, ISO priority and more. The wirelessly operated ultrasonic system helps notable power saving compared to existing Bluetooth systems.

Shoot With One Hand, Vertically Or Horizontally.

The Pictar allows a firm grip and instant access to all five external controls. All this can be done with just one hand. The has a comfortable grip. This way the phone doesn’t slip out of your hand. This will in turn enhance the sharpness of images. Also, it allows you to easily shoot with one hand. It can be done both vertically or horizontally. Pictar has a connecting hook for a strap. It is supplied with a dedicated wrist strap.

Available On Amazon.

The Pictar comes with a battery that lasts up to six months with normal usage. It is now available on Miggo’s website and on Amazon for $110.