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Raspberry Pi Makers Launch the Latest Desktop for Beginners: The Pi-TopCEED

Pi-TopCEED Desktop

With the basic aim of promoting the teaching of computer science in schools, especially in developing countries, the Raspberry Pi series of pocket-sized, single-board computers have been a buzz word in the technology industry.

Introducing Pi-TopCEED

The latest product launched by the makers of Raspberry Pi is the pi-topCEED, touted as the world’s most affordable way to use and learn with the Raspberry Pi. The pi-topCEED is a modular desktop and includes a Raspberry Pi 2, so users can easily plug and play and give into STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) right away.  As and when a new Raspberry Pi device is released, the modular design will enable users to take out their old Raspberry device and insert the new one and enjoy the benefits of a brand new desktop.

Crafted Specially for Beginners

pi-topCEED is crafted specially keeping beginners of all ages in mind. With the goal of making hardware as accessible as software is now, the makers of pi-topCEED have made sure that the product is beginner friendly. With pi-topCEED, users can create their own products and ideas, using their own skills and their own code to build their own hardware. Additionally, users can also use pi-topCEED as regular desktop to do their work, check their emails, or surf the Internet.

Easy to Use UI

pi-topCEED focuses on teaching people the key skills that are essential for making real hardware products. By combining Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and 3D Printing, users get the required knowledge to create any hardware product that they can imagine. Using pi-topCEED, users can make and control home automation devices, robots, and consumer electronics. The easy to use UI of pi-topCEED makes building hardware child’s play. Using a simple 4-step process, users can create the most amazing and innovative products:

  1. Learn how to build a circuit
  2. Learn how to code the circuit
  3. Make the device in real life
  4. Learn to 3D print the design

Provides Access to a World of Resources

As soon as users plug in their pi-topCEED, they gain access to a world of resources like the pi-top OS, CEED Universe, 3D Slash, Scratch, Minecraft, Libre Writer, Libre Impress, Libre Calc, Sonic Pi etc. By using the various software, users can design their own components and products. With the CEED Universe software, multiple people can work together on projects, contribute and help each other and make the most from the educational Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG).

Key Features

  • An easy-to-use desktop.
  • Simple plug and play requires no assembly.
  • Offers a 13.3” HD LCD screen.
  • The SD card is pre-loaded with pi-topOS.
  • Multiple viewing angles including wall-mounting functionality.
  • Compatible with any keyboard and mouse.
  • Designed for users ages 6 and above.

Up on Indigogo

Pi-TopCEED is up on Indigogo for a price of $99. The project is backed by around 1600 people and has earned 295% of its pledge value of $50,000. With still a few days left, pi-TopCEED has already collected $147,292, suggesting a bright future for the product.

Create your Own Hardware

pi-topCEED is the most affordable platform for people to learn to create hardware and engage with computing. The easy-to-use interface and access to a gamut of resources enables users to put their skills and ideas to best use and create innovative products from an early age. As children are most capable to learn when they are young, the makers of pi-topCEED aim to encourage the younger generation to hone their skills and put their knowledge to good use, to create a better and technologically-aware world for tomorrow.