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Perfect Memory Camera – Never Miss a Single Moment of Your Life

Perfect Memory Camera

We use the camera regularly these days because of the proliferation of mobile camera. Smartphones have enabled most of us to carry a camera wherever we go. But what happens when our phones are put away from us? So, when you need a camera on the go to capture a perfect moment in a rush, smartphone camera often does not come to your rescue. On the contrary, think how great it would be to capture all these moments effortlessly with a camera. Well, the Perfect Memory Camera beginning its campaign at Indiegogo just aims to do such a thing.

Awesome Continuous Shooting and much more

This breakthrough camera, created by a talented team of developers at General Streaming Systems, LLC, offers an evolving approach of what we know as the traditional body cam. This camera device being connected to a wearable chain around your neck can capture video constantly without missing a moment. It also allows you to take note of all the special events with just a tap on the device. Looks really awesome, isn’t it? Let us have a look at the surprising capabilities of this device.

  • This smart camera device allows constant video capture and editing later on so that you do not miss a moment.
  • You can either wear it with a chain around your neck or just can clip it in your garment.
  • You can also make your pet wear it and grab the images streamed to your handheld devices.
  • It is capable of streaming photos and video on your iOS and Android devices.
  • AutoEdit feature of the Perfect Memory camera is a great technology that would allow users saving highlights from the continuously captured videos.
  • The lens has already been tested by professional to deliver superb quality images.
  • The camera can also be mounted on any stand or camera mounts for specific professional uses.
  • The camera also offers time-lapse video and provides a battery life capable of lasting nearly for a day.

Solid Performance with AutoEdit

Perfect Memory Camera has just launched its crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo and considering the huge capabilities it offers, the campaign is very likely to be successful before its scheduled time. This is probably the first Smart Pro Camera with continuous capture capacity and AutoEdit capabilities. There is nothing of this sort we have experienced and used yet for on the go recording without any extra effort.

Stunning Specs of the Perfect Memory Camera

  • Awesome HD video with optional time lapses feature
  • High-quality images with 12M/140 Wide FOV
  • For storage up to 128GB removable microSD card can be used
  • Good battery life with 1000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Streaming capability to deliver images and video to any phone, whether Android or iOS
  • The camera has six glass lens optics
  • Build solid and shock resistant

The camera starting its Indiegogo campaign officially will be subject to widespread interest from global tech communities and considering the awesome features and stunning capabilities it can really be a perfect all-around device for street or on the go photography. The campaign which is likely to run for 30 days will offer the device to the first batch of backers at an affordable price of $99 only. The early birds will have the scope to pledge for the Perfect Memory camera just at $99 for the silver model. Though this price is being offered only for a limited quantity and thereafter for early backers, it would be offered at $119 for the silver model and $149 for limited edition rose gold model.

The product already looking enough promising with its standout features and solid built, can soon hit the market after the successful completion of the project.