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Pebby: An Advanced Smartball That Babysits Your Pet

Pebby An advanced smartball that babysits your pet

Pets are not just domestic animals we keep for our entertainment. Pets are a part of our families. They are probably the most loved member of any family. Making sure your furry family members has everything it needs is just part of loving them every day. Pebby makes sure your pets are never alone at home. With the help of it, you can track, monitor, and play with your pet from anywhere in the world.It is a smart collar and ball system. It gives you access to monitor and entertain your pet from anywhere your cell phone can go.

The Pebby Pack Comes Complete With The Following Things:

Pebby Ball. It comes with your choice of EASYfix magnetic caps. So you can customize the look of your Pebby.
Pebby Kennel charging dock.
Pebby Collar motion sensor collar.
The Pebby App is free to download off iTunes or GooglePlay store.

A Ball on The Mission.

Pebby is a ball on the mission. It’s mission is to keep you and your pet together, even when you’re not physically there. The Pebby system’s remote controlled ball uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. It allows owners to watch, interact, and capture their pet’s cutest moments in real time. A wide-angle fisheye lens feature gives you an optimal view of all the cute things you might have missed while you were away. It also records, snaps, and shares images and video at the touch of a button.


Turn on the Auto-Play function and let Pebby go wild. The Auto-Play function will entertain your pet while you get back to business. Do you often get busy and don’t get enough time to play with your pet? This is a common problem. With the Auto-Play mode, you can simply turn it on and let it go crazy to give your pets a fun, active and entertaining time. Cats can also play with a specially designed pet and human safe laser. They have specifically designed a pet (and human) safe built in laser to make our feline friends go crazy.


No matter where you are in the world, your phone will receive Bark and Nudge Alert notifications. This is to let you know when your pet is itching to play with It. The 2-way audio and mic system lets you send a “woof,” “meow.” You could also send a pre-recorded message of your voice through your phone and get a response in return.


It is made with thick shatterproof, replaceable PolyCarbonate casing. It also has a special SHOCK suspension system. It is play-proof even with the rowdiest dogs and cats, also waterproof.

Get The Look That You Want.

You can also get the look that you want for your pet with EASYfix magnetic caps. You can customize your Pebby smart ball with an array of different colors and patterns. There are more designs on the way. So your pet will have the latest look for his favorite interactive toy.

Charging Pebby Ball.

Your Pebby ball can be charged anytime. You can do that even if you’re not home. Just drive it into its Pebby Kennel and you’ll be playing again in no time. It is an intelligent, remote self-docking. It allows wireless charging even if you’re not around. It offers fast charging, with power status alerts and a long battery life. You have to simply drive the ball near the charging dock and let the auto-align function lock it in.

Pebby Collar.

Pebby Collar motion sensor syncs with the smart ball and tracks your pet’s activities all day. Using this special technology, you can keep tabs on your fur baby’s mobility and activity levels, giving you peace of mind, even when you’re not home.

The Pebby App.

The Pebby app is free to download from iTunes or GooglePlay. It allows you to easily live stream video and control all the functions of the Pebby smart ball from virtually anywhere. You just need to have access to the Internet on your smartphone. The intuitive app interface is easy to use live or in auto-play mode. Tap the cat or dog icon to send your pets a “woof,” or “meow,” sound. You can literally call your pet and hear how they’re doing. You can also snap pictures and record videos of your pet. You can also share your favorite cute moments with your friends and family on social media via the media Gallery board included as part of your free app.

Order One For Your Pets.

The built-in LED Headlights lets you navigate Pebby even in dark or dimly lit rooms so playtime never stops. It is powered by the latest Intel Edison computing module and supported by a huge developer forum. Developers now have the ability to program and integrate their own algorithms into it. The smartphone-controlled mechanized ball keeps pets active and in good spirits. It lets owners remotely draw their companions from one room to the next over WiFi for over 90 minutes of playtime and 15 hours of standby. Pebby will be sold for $124 for a limited time on Kickstarter before the price increases to $248.