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Pavlok 2: Helps You Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits

Pavlok 2

Pavlok has become world famous for helping people break bad habits like sleeping in, nail biting, food cravings, smoking, and wasting time online. Pavlok’s patent-pending electric stimulus releases a zap, ranging from 50-450V. It quickly gets your attention and triggers the brain out of automatic mode.

Mix Of Psychology, Technology, and Sensors.

Over 45,000 people have purchased and used the original Pavlok. For the most part, the original Pavlok relied on the user pressing the zap button when they did their bad habit. The company spent the last 2 years building an upgraded wearable behavior change platform. Pavlok 2 is an interesting mix of psychology, technology, sensors, and accountability. It is to help you automatically track and change almost any habit.

Pavlok 1 was the world’s first behavior training wearable. Pavlok 2 combines accurate tracking, commitment techniques, and ‘on-your-wrist’ reminder triggers to change users’ brains and form the habits they wish they had.

Looks like a Fitbit.

Pavlok is like a Fitbit you wear on your wrist. But instead of counting your steps, you can use it to give yourself a quick electric shock every time you’re biting your nails (or smoking a cigarette or eating ice cream). Whatever bad habit you have, the Pavlok promises to break it by zapping you out of it.

Better Than The Original.

Pavlok 2 has new sensors and a new processor. This makes it hundreds of times faster than the original Pavlok. Pavlok 2 has an upgraded Bluetooth antenna with super reliable connectivity. The pairing in Pavlok 2 is seamless. The battery life is still 4+ days. They have also improved the connectivity significantly.

Get Zapped Whenever You Engage In a Bad Habit.

Easiest way to get started with Pavlok is to pick just one habit. They have pre-built mini courses to get you started with the most common bad habits. You get zapped whenever you engage in a bad habit by pressing the lightning bolt on the wristband or zap button on the phone app. Or automatically through one of the many integrations. Bad habits die hard because they feel good. Adding the zap stops that reward loop so you can get on your way to being a habit master.

You can start using Pavlok by picking your bad habit. Then follow the setup instructions based on the algorithmic magic. Or you can opt for custom settings. Pavlok does both. Pavlok triggers vibrations or zaps with the press of a button. It can be done setting on a timer, or even when you go off online. Pavlok can sync and interact with IFTTT, other apps, even your Fitbitc.

The Pavlok App.

The new Pavlok app is already complete. Feel free to download it from the app store now. As time goes on, the company will be launching more and more new modules. They will slowly open up their ecosystem to allow their users to write their own modules. These new modules will be unlocked using Volts. Volts is their in-app currency which you earn by successfully meeting your habit goals.

In addition to the app and hardware, the company has partnered with to offer accountability on demand for your habits and routines. helps you reach your goals through coaching, community, and data. So you can make daily progress on the things that matter. You will have an actual real life coach to help you stay on track. It does that through text, email, and phone.

An Investment.

The longer you wear Pavlok, the more bad habits are permanently broken and good ones are invigorated. Pavlok sells for $200. It is one device that will do you well. It is a wise investment. Pavlok comes with a 30-day guarantee. They also give you all your money back. This is in case you don’t like it or find it ineffective.