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Pavilion and Beoplay A1 – The Bluetooth Speakers of Tomorrow!

Pavilion Bluetooth Speakers

When we plan on purchasing an electronic device, we tend to expand our reach and search for something that provides more than we have imagined. Especially for speakers, people look for ease so they can clip the device to their bag or pocket and blast tunes while zooming down the street. Well, portable Bluetooth speakers are a good rugged option if that’s what you are in the market for. Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard that is supported by all latest and modern smart phones and tablets, these devices transmit to the Bluetooth speaker that uses its built-in amplifier and speakers for playback. Two such justifiable Bluetooth speakers are the Beoplay A1 and Pavilion.

Specifics and Working of Bluetooth Speakers

Beoplay A1 Bluetooth Speakers

The Beoplay A1 is the company’s smallest Bluetooth speaker.

  • The speaker is short, round and aluminum, measuring 5.2 inches wide by 1.9 inches tall.
  • It weighs slightly above a pound.
  • The shape supports its 360-degree acoustics – so the sound dispersion is great wherever it is placed.
  • Despite its small size and light weight, Beoplay A1 provides low bass tones down to 40Hz.
  • The disc-shaped Bluetooth speaker has two 30W Class D amps for the 3.5 inch full range driver and a ¾ inch tweeter, having a peak power output of 2 x 140 watts.

Bang & Olufsen claim the Beoplay A1 to be lasting up to 24hours of playback, thanks to a 2200mAh battery created using smart algorithms. Baring its Bluetooth capabilities, Beoplay A1 has a feature called Connect, that enables users to sync the speaker to its last-known device. The company certainly didn’t opt to play it conservative when it comes to the Beoplay A1’s build.

Pavilion Bluetooth Speakers

Pavilion speakers justify their existence pretty well. Pavilion sets a new paradigm in a speaker design, delivering amazing performance and fascinating experience.

  • At the core of the cylindrical piece is a 20 W full range Peerless premium driver, chosen to help deliver high quality.
  • To the rear of the Pavilion there’s a power button, a 3.5 mm auxiliary port for absorbing sounds from other devices and an adapter port for charging the built-in battery.
  • The speaker is topped with American white oak, with indented touch-enabled control buttons and an LED status indicator.
  • The varnished oak top of the Pavilion speaker has been handcrafted with the world’s finest oaks from North America. Oak surface senses user’s touch for the speaker control.
  • The 10.22 inches high and 3.95 inch in diameter, 3.3 lb portable audio thrower includes Bluetooth 3.0 technology with aptX codec supporting high quality audio streaming.

Hult Design launched the Pavilion speaker back in September that supports stereo pairing, which means that two Pavilions can output audio from a single source. The Pavilion features a high density concrete base that keeps unit vibration in check as well as raises the bar in terms of looks. Above the device is placed a clear polycarbonate case, in which there is a copper spiral rising from the base.

Availability and Verdict

Speaking of their availability, the Beoplay speaker would be available in from May 2016 that would retail for US$249 at the Bang & Olufsen stores as well as online in colors moss, green and silver. On the other hand, Pavilion estimates the shipping to commence in May 2016 with one black or white Pavilion to be ranging around US$229.

Bluetooth speakers have advanced to the point that almost all new releases we see might be impressive, but the market still observes incremental improvements on features we are already accustomed with. Every once in a while there are new patterns with imaginative features that bring out new designs shifting paradigms.