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PaMu: Perfect Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Workouts

Padmate PaMu Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

Most smartphone companies are now doing away with the traditional 3.5mm audio jack. Even when some of them are still offering corded audio connections, they are simultaneously offering wireless audio. Wireless audio is the new in-thing for smartphones now.3:04 PM
The all-new Padmate Pamu Wireless Earbuds now came as the authentic wireless earbuds equipped with Bluetooth version 4.2, simple charging solution, great comfort and high-quality audio. These earbuds are designed to be extremely lightweight and are thoroughly resistant to water splashes and moisture with the IPX5 rating. If you are looking for a perfect workout audio solution, this is the one to go for.

Ultimate design innovation

The PaMu is a pair of most sophisticated waterproof wireless earbuds which takes little place measuring just 25.9 x 27mm. It is also one of the most lightweight earbuds weighing just 6 grams. The best thing about the earphones is that it sports an extremely lightweight, compact and stylish design that just perfectly fits inside the ear holes nicely.

Both the earbud pieces are designed to fit perfectly into the ear hole and comes with the ergonomic wingtips that cling to the ear easily. It gives a totally comfortable wearing experience with a firm grip, and this makes it ideal earbuds for workout sessions. The design just does not allow the earbud to fall off while going through physical activities and workouts. Moreover, to meet the demands of an active lifestyle, the earbuds come with water splash and dust resistant feature protecting the earbuds from getting damaged by sweat, light rain and dust.

Packed for performance

Apart from the innovative and cute design that makes it stand out from the rest, it is also highly performance driven for a never before audio experience and ease of use. The PaMu wireless earbuds come loaded with dual 10mm dynamic audio drivers delivering very balanced audio output.

The most important thing is, it allows you answering calls hands-free with ease. Just by using touch controls you can easily tweak with the playback and answer calls. It also delivers 50mAh rechargeable battery allowing 3.5 hours of continuous playtime with each earbud. It also comes with a custom charging case that can charge the earbuds for as many as 3 times.


  • It comes with Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity solution.
  • It offers a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20Khz.
  • It offers an unperturbed music play time of up to 3.5 Hours with a single charge.
  • It offers a talk time of up to 4.5 Hours with just a single charge.
  • It offers an awesome standby time of up to 80 Hours.
  • The Bluetooth transmission range of the earbuds is 10 metres without obstacles.
  • It comes with 2 10mm drivers.
  • It is loaded with 50maH battery.
  • It comes with 22.5 x 10.5 x 26mm dimension.
  • It comes with portable charging case with a 470mAh battery that can charge the earbuds for 3 times.

Installation and pairing

Apart from producing awesome audio and ease of hands-free call receiving the earbuds also offers easy pairing experience and nearly effortless installation capability. For the installation and pairing the buds with your phone, you have an audio guide playing on the earbuds. For starting with you need to ensure that both the earbuds remain fully charged.

When the earbuds are on and active the Blue LED display will be on and now you can search for the earbuds device from the smartphone you want to pair with. Once it is visible just select it and this connection will always be shown and automatically connected. But to ensure that the connection works you need to fully charge the Pamu. It will take 2 full hours to charge the earbuds and once it is fully charged the LED will turn Blue.

How to use it?

You can navigate these wireless earbuds through with a touch-sensitive button in the left earbud. To receive an incoming call, you only need to push the button, and for rejecting the call, you need to double press the same button. When it comes to music, you have limited audio controls including only play and pause.

Something to note

In overall measure, the Padmate Pamu Wireless Earbuds are not expensive but quite effective and high-performance smart audio earbud option. These earbuds offer exceptional ease of use and setup, high-quality audio and great lightweight design for workout sessions. It is a perfect fit for the jogging, outdoor workouts and activities.