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ORWL: The Most Physically Secure Computer


Most of use these days work on our laptops and personal computers. All our work related documents and not just that, but also our personal documents are saved on our computers. All this data is private and confidential which could create problems if leaked. But this data on our laptops and desktops can be easily hacked into. All this information can be accessed and the important information can be easily tapped. There are different ways in which computer our computers can hide vindictive intrusion. Or this data can also manipulated in order to work against you. It is very risky when someone has physical access to your computer, with important documents present there. We all need and deserve saving from such malicious acts. This is where ORWL comes in.

Prevent Undetected Tampering.

ORWL, pronounced as Orwell, was specifically designed in order to block uncertain interference. This uncertain interference can be done with any of the electrical components or ORWL.The entire motherboard and the storage drive are included in the electrical components. In case of tampering, ORWL can instantly remove all the data. All this erasing of data is irrevocable. The erasing of the data can be done even when ORWL is unplugged at that particular moment.

OLED Display.

An OLED display on ORWL is used to specify the state of the device. ORWL can be found in these three different states: Powered Down, Locked, and Unlocked. There is a secure microcontroller that controls the OLED display on ORWL. The OLED display is controlled entirely by it. This microcontroller is completely out of reach from the operating system.

First Open Source Physically Secure Computer.

ORWL was basically designed to solve the tampering of the information on your computer. ORWIL is a great mix of modern Intel-based personal computer and physical security from the banking industry, which is also the first open source physically secure computer. The physical security system from the banking industry is the one which is generally used in ATMs and Point of Sale terminals. So these systems are bound to be intelligent and quick enough to track any tampering of information and catching them. The device has a modern and stylish design. It comes in a fashionable glass case. The latest processor that is surrounded by the glass casing is from Intel. This processor is the exact same one that you will find in any latest ultrabook. ORWL offers WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity for any of your accessories to be connected. While for accessories that require connection using a cable, can be done by using the two USB Type-C connectors on the ORWL. ORWL also offers 4K video with audio. This is managed using the built-in Intel 515 HD Video.

Security Microcontroller.

ORWL is the size of an ashtray, which is pretty compact. This compact size is designed in order to block any kind of approach into the machine. Setting a BIOS password prevents tampering in a regular PC. But it is very easy to break into it by extracting the BIOS backup battery. But with ORWL, this is impossible. Thanks to the SSD 540s Series from Intel that protects the ORWL. This drive supports full drive encryption. This drive is protected by a cryptographic key. The secure microcontroller of the ORWL generates and stores this key. This key is provided to the SSD by the secure microcontroller on occasions. But this is only done after it verifies that the system is trustworthy. This encryption key is eradicated instantly in case when any kind of tampering is found going on the machine. But the drawback of this is that this step also loses all the data that is on the SSD and it is irrevocable.

Alerts you.

There are multiple pressure switches on the entire shell of ORWL, which is also available in glass or plastic. Along with that, there is a wire mesh barrier. You are informed with alerts from the switches and the wire mesh barrier in case the PC is tampered. It also erases the encryption in this case. Because of this, all the data is made completely inaccessible. The SSD on the ORWL has a full drive AES-256 encryption.

Runs On Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is the preferred choice of it. This is because it has really strong features. The installation scripting and default system configuration of Ubuntu runs well with many modern hardwares. Ubuntu is thus stable and more reliable than any other OS. The features of Ubuntu are as easy to use as that of Windows. It is also runs on Windows 10 or Qubes OS. These are already pre-installed in ORWL. But you are free to install any modern 64 bit Intel-compatible operating system.