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Orbi – Secure, Super Fast and Reliable WiFi System for Smart Home

Orbi WiFi System

Netgear, the American global networking company, released a new tri-band Wifi system that gives you fast and secure WiFi anywhere in your home. Its tri-band mesh system allows your devices to switch between bands and other Orbi units without the need to reconnect. Orbi is made up of a router and a satellite and is said to eliminate the absence of WiFi by surrounding your property in WiFi with a strong network.

It takes just 2 Orbi units to cover up to 4,000 square foot with high-performance AC3000 tri-band WiFi. It creates a single high-speed network that gives your entire home complete coverage.

Design that Matters

Orbi is a tri-band WiFi system that gives you reliable and really fast wifi to every inch of your home. This WiFi system consists of a router and satellite that covers up to 4,000 square feets together. Orbi’s system has been designed in a way so that it can be easy to set up. It has a simple and straightforward installation program that can be accessed through any mobile device.

The router that is plugged into your gateway has a sky blue top, while the satellite has a white top. The satellite top glows magenta, amber, or blue. These colors show if you are out of range if the signal is in range but weak and if you are within the proper distance from the router.

Better WiFi and Other Features

  • Data Transfer Speed: Orbi gives up to 3 Gbps data transfer speed. It helps prevent buffering by creating a high-speed internet for all your devices. It works with your current ISP’s modem to maximize the speed you are paying for. Orbi uses tri-band WiFi that keeps your internet running at maximum speeds, no matter how many devices you connect.
  • Flash Memory: This WiFi system provides 4GB flash memory and its 512MB RAM promotes optimal performance.
  • MU-MIMO Technology: The MU-MIMO technology used in Orbi gives every compatible device its own dedicated full-speed WiFi connection. This technology helps multiple devices connect at the same time without reducing the speed of the network.
  • Advanced Settings: It has an Advanced tab that takes you to an Advanced Security section, using which you can set up Parental Controls to block access to specific websites, restrict other users, and also receive email alerts when someone tries to access a blocked site. The Advanced Settings also help you view Internet traffic statistics and put limits on monthly upload and download capacities.

Orbi is Easy to Setup

Orbi is simpler than other WiFi systems when it comes to set up. It works with your Internet Service Provider right out of the box. Orbi uses a single SSID and with just a couple of clicks, the network is ready to use.

The main router is to be connected to a broadband modem and turned on. After doing that, you place the add-on satellite unit at a distance from the main router and turn it on. The two devices are already made in a way to automatically connect to each other.

Price & Availability

Orbi is offering multiple hardware units. It costs around $400 for a set of two, and an additional unit will cost another $250. Orbi was released in the month of October.


Both the router and the satellite of the Orbi Home Wifi System deliver great results. Orbi also offers more LAN connectivity and management options than the other WiFi systems. The device has a sleek design and a state-of-the-art technology. With a simple setup using your mobile device, your WiFi network is ready to use in minutes. Orbi easily delivers high large WiFi coverage without compromising speed.