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Oppo Find X Omits The Notch And Adds A Camera Bar

Oppo Find X

This year, smartphones have by far been the hottest category in consumer gadgets. But smartphones have become really boring now. The iPhone X seemed like a breath of fresh air for the iPhone users considering it was releasing the same design over and over again, but what about the Android users? The Android users get the same old design. If they want to try and move away from that and have a new design, they will have to go for the Samsung Galaxy S9, which again have the same design as Samsung Galaxy S8. But the Oppo Find X is a phone with a new design for the Android users.

Unified design

Oppo is bringing Find X, that offers exceptionally smooth handling and gives out pure beauty. The phone has a unified design and no holes visible on the screen. It is a very comfortable phone to hold. It is shaped in such a way that it fits the palm of your hand without spilling over because of its size. To create the flow like gradient effect, Oppo has used an innovative multifaceted color process. This will shine the phone elegantly at different angles.

Stealth 3D camera

Oppo’s new design doesn’t have a camera either on the front or the back. The cameras are pop up. The stealth 3D camera is not just hidden, but it contains a number of innovative technologies. Find X features a 3D face recognition system. On the camera bar, there is also a front camera, rear dual camera, and many intricate sensors. The state of the art 3D cameras will redefine smartphone photography. There is a 25-megapixel front-facing camera and a dual rear camera which has 16 megapixel and a 20 megapixel camera.

ColorOS 5.1

The Oppo Find X features a 93.8 percent screen-to-body ratio. The onset of the new full-screen era brings new visual experiences and reshapes the operating system. With this in mind, ColorOS 5.1 has been redesigned for the Panoramic Arc screen. This will help achieve a more user-friendly interface and interaction.

3D face recognition

This is the first time that an Android smartphone has the 3D structured light technology. It uses 15,000 facial dot recognition and intelligent analysis. 3D face recognition is 20 times safer than fingerprint recognition for unlocking the smartphone. The AI-enhanced 3D camera will intelligently analyze features such as face, nose and eyes etc, at the time of taking a selfie. The 3D lighting technique helps for artistic portraits.

3D Omoji

Oppo Find X offers something called 3D Omoji. With 3D Omoji, you can transform your personal expressions which can be realistically recorded. You can choose any image or create a personal cartoon image. 3D Omoji will capture your facial expressions in real time. It will then accurately present you in a fun way. Oppo Find X’s rear camera is equipped with a dual-lens module and OIS that can produce excellent depth-of-field effects. Oppo Find X can identify 800 scenes to become your photography technique consultant, thanks to the new AI Scene Recognition technology.

Super fast performance

The Oppo Find X is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. It comes with 8GB running memory. With this RAM, Oppo Find X offers extremely high performance. The huge storage of 256GB makes data processing more efficient while the game acceleration mode optimizes fast and smooth gaming. It features a 3730 mAh battery and comes with VOOC flash charge.

No fingerprint scanner

The Oppo Find X doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner. So all you get to open the phone is the Face Recognition. For that, you will need to hit the power button on the right and wait for the camera bar to pop out and take a look at you. This does take a little longer. But it is fun to see the camera peek out from the top of the phone. It will then slide smoothly into the back of the body. There is also an infrared sensor built-in which allows O-Face to work in the dark. The Oppo Find X is priced at $1,157 and will be coming out sometime in August. It comes in two colors: Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue.