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Olympus Air A01 – The Future of Photography is Here!

Olympus Air A01

Olympus recently announced its new Air A01 add-on camera that is fit enough for smartphones, turning your device into a fantastic mirrorless camera. Here is a camera for the smartphone generation which is expected to launch in US soon, after it made its presence felt in Japan. This smartphone-controlled camera is like the Sony QX1, but includes a Micro Four Thirds lens mount that boasts of a 16-megapixel sensor, a huge array of lens that can work with it and a platform for developers to leverage the features as they want.

Minimal controls with a DSLR output

The camera only features minimal controls on the body with a built-in battery that can click 320 shots with a full charge. It can even be bundled with a sizeable and effective 14-42-mm EZ lens for around US$500.

Most of the DSLR-like cameras in add-on packages never have had feature built-in lenses thus making them compact camera equivalents instead of an interchangeable lens camera. The Olympus Air A01 is quite different in this regard since it can mount Micro Four Thirds lenses.

A Plethora of Features that is Unlike Any out There

  • The Olympus camera features 16-MP Live MOS sensor and a very effective TruePic VII image processor.
  • The camera also features a marvellous burst speed shooting at 10 fps and even has an ISO range of up to 12,800.
  • It facilitates full HD 1080p video recording too. One can even capture RAW with a silent electronic shutter with a maximum shutter speed of 1/16,000.
  • The Olympus Air A01 can be linked wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet users. Now one can focus with a FAST 81-point AF system with just a single tap on the smartphone screen.
  • It has settings for exposure, white balance ratio and ISO speed too. Those conversant with DSLRs can use the same modes on an interchangeable lens camera, and even apply trendy filters to add more to a click.
  • The camera also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and even store images and video with microSD card storage. Pictures and videos can be automatically uploaded to the Amazon Cloud Drive.

The Olympus Air A01 when not attached to a smartphone, can be used in different settings and scenarios that is difficult for a traditional camera. It also features a handy tripod mount that can be used for remote shooting too.

Prime Advantage for Quick Learners and Veteran Photographers

One of the best advantages of using the camera is that it is ultra-portable, allowing you to set it any where based on your creativity and with its interchangeable lenses, the Air A01 apart really does pamper the photographer’s senses and innovative approach.

Although the Olympus Air A01 is flexible with a paired phone, it can work on its own. A wide variety of lenses are available from Olympus and Panasonic that will be handy for those who have a huge gear of lens kits already and even for those who will be venturing out for some clicks and quick videos.

Interest to Developers!

The Air A01 will be of interest to apps developers too since it has an open platform so that they can create apps for the camera along with accessories. The control apps for the camera can be specially handy for those who would like a Go-Pro setting and want to explore more options to tap into its ability to shoot brilliant scenes and pictures.

Smart Pricing

The Olympus Air A01 is expected to fetch a price of US$300 body-only, or at a cost of $500 bundled with a 14-42-mm EZ lens.