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OLO 3D Printer – Print 3D Objects Directly from your Smartphone

OLO 3D Printer

Smartphones have enabled people to carry out a multitude of tasks right from their palms. From booking the latest movie ticket to shopping from groceries, smartphones have simplified our daily lives by their innovative features and capabilities. And with the OLO Smartphone 3D Printer, you can now print 3D objects directly from your smartphone!

World’s First Smartphone 3D Printer

OLO Smartphone 3D Printer made its debut in 2015 where it won the World Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Award in New York. The Smartphone 3D printer is the first battery operated 3D printer and is also the quietest, generating no noise. It is made from simple and durable techno-polymers and incorporates a beautiful design that is elegant and seamless. It uses a cloud-based software that is super-easy to access. The auto leveling feature ensures there is no need for manual leveling or calibration. The long-lasting actuators require no lubrication.

OLO 3D Printer – Extremely Portable

With half of the hardware in their pockets, the Smartphone 3D Printer makes it easy for anyone to print 3D objects right from their smartphone. The Smartphone 3D Printer uses light from a smartphone screen to print objects in 3D. It is so compact and lightweight that people can take the Smartphone 3D Printer anywhere, in their purses and backpacks. The Smartphone 3D Printer weighs only 750 g and measures 172x115x148mm and incorporates some very modern technological and design elements at an affordable cost.

Highly Compatible

OLO 3D Printer is highly spacious, offering over 400 cubic centimeters of printing volume. It works seamlessly with smartphones of almost any size or brand. The Smartphone 3D printer is compatible with OS from Apple, Android, and Windows. It is also compatible with a variety of free 3D apps, allowing users to choose any 3D scan software and print an object of their choice. The only thing required is a touch screen smartphone.

Easy to Use

OLO 3D Printer is easy to use. Users just have to select the object of their choice, pour in the resin and the Smartphone 3D Printer does the rest:

  • The Smartphone 3D Printer has an engine room and a building room with a building plate that at the bottom that uses the light from the smartphone to harden the resin and print objects in 3D.
  • Users can choose a design from the OLO library, or one shared by social media or from a 3D software. Through their smartphones, users can also send OLO 3D messages.
  • In order to start the printing process, users just have to press the start button on their smartphone: the Smartphone 3D Printer begins the process of building the object on the print bed that has a flexible film for highly optimized object removal.
  • Once done, users can open the printer and remove the object from the building room and enjoy their creation.

Uses New 3D Technology

To print 3D objects, the Smartphone 3D Printer uses new 3D technology. The printer’s building chamber is specifically designed to prevent light from penetrating the device so as to maximize the effectiveness of the white light emission from the smartphone’s display. The Smartphone 3D Printer can reach a resolution of up to 32 microns.

Available from June 2016

With a month to go, the Smartphone 3D Printer has already raised a whopping $9,86,779 of the pledged goal of $80,000. It is priced at a modest $99, and will be available for shipping from June 2016. OLO 3D Printer is ideal for beginners and well as professionals, and gives everyone a great platform to build the most stunning objects with a simple touch on their smartphones.