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OJO: A Truly Portable Gaming Projector from Nintendo Switch

OJO Projector

Playing games on a larger screen is obviously more entertaining than doing the same on the small screen of handheld devices. The big screen is not just fad, it is a necessity these days, and when it comes to gaming, big screens have no parallel. A dedicated projector to allow you play games on wide wall screen is really great, especially if the projector is truly portable and if it does not require tethering to a wall socket. That is precisely what OJO projector from Yesojo can do.

Early prototype, release and pricing

The OJO projector as of now has only been available for some reviewers in the form of a prototype, and it is still going through phases of development. Currently going through a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo the projector is all set to be released in 2018. Even this early prototype version has been found satisfactory in respect of fulfilling expectations to remain very portable while delivering crisp game visuals on flat surfaces.

The OJO projector is supposed to be rolled out with a price tag of $369, but now the enthusiasts can buy it with an early access offer price of just $269 on Indiegogo. The early access offer price as per the latest company announcement will remain available throughout this December.

Image quality

If you think portability is the biggest draw of this projector and there is nothing much to expect in visual quality, you are wrong. The new OJO is capable of offering 480p resolution in projected images that looks really stunning while the room ambience is dark. In a room with moderate lighting, the visual may not look that crisp and sharp, but it still outperforms many available projectors in the market. As per what the company representatives say, the projector adjusts the visual quality based on the environment and ambient lighting.

Charging and audio

The OJO projector takes charge through USB-C port, and the battery available with the projector can last up to 4 hours. When it comes to sound, OJO comes with an extra loud speaker capable of filling any room with the game playing sound. If you want to connect other speakers for louder output, the projector offers an auxiliary port as well. Though it looks flawless almost in every department, some experts found OJO getting hot through extended hours of game playing.

Design-wise it can be a bit better

This early OJO version seems to be a little fat, and even the company Yesojo admits this by saying that they are going to make it a little thinner from the early prototype version. The fans inside the projector also seem to be a bit loud, and the company has confirmed that it is working to make it calmer when OJO finally is ready to hit the market. Many people found that the projector needs to cool off after some hours of continuous use and that is another area company needs to do something before the final version is out.

Ojo versus Nintendo Switch

There are several problems with Nintendo switch that this OJO projector cannot solve. The biggest problem occurs when several players try to play the game by exercising controls on the 7-inch screen of the Nintendo Switch. For high-end gaming experience with several players around such a small screen seems really insufficient. When playing the game in a dark room, Ojo can deliver an impromptu gaming experience with multiple player games like Mario Kart race or Fibbage. But even this is not enough to call OJO and Nintendo Switch together the most equipped game equipment for an ultimate multiplayer gaming experience.

Final verdict

If you look at the comparative positioning of the new OJO projector, it comes short of making a really lucrative deal just because it is not a cheap alternative. In much less than this price bracket, you can find several high-quality projectors capable of delivering great HD quality visuals right from your TV and gaming consoles. Yes, they may not be portable enough, but they stand miles ahead of OJO in terms of visual output.

On the other hand, OJO has done a great job by delivering a truly portable projector enough to deliver quality game visuals on any flat surface. With this price range which seems to be a little ambitious, one would naturally look for an HDMI-out port.