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Oculus Go: An Ambitious Headset to Make VR a Mass Technology

Oculus Go

Oculus has almost been synonymous with the entire evolution of VR headsets that we have come across in recent times. It has been the brand with highest market exposure and penetration in the market of VR headsets. Naturally, any new product news from the company arouses great expectations and awesome market response. After Facebook taking over the ownership, this couldn’t be otherwise. Once again we can look up to this stigmatised VR headset brand thanks to its plan to launch a new headset called Oculus Go in next year.

As far as the news confirmed, Oculus is all set to release another virtual reality headset with standalone features as well as affordable price tag. Destined to be released in 2018 the new headset will be referred as Oculus Go as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a few days before at Oculus Connect event. As per the announcement, the new headset from Oculus family will begin to be shipped from the first quarter of 2018 with an ambitiously affordable price of $199.

When Zuckerberg announced the new headset with comprehensive features that for the first time is aimed at the larger audience, we can be optimistic about the VR headset to become a mass scale product. In fact, Zuckerberg made it clear that the unleashing of the new headset is a part of the Oculus’ objective to make the VR technology available to at least one billion people.

It Is A Standalone Device

What is the best thing about Oculus Go? Well, for the first time it would be a complete and standalone device that won’t need the support of a computer or mobile device to play VR games or VR enabled programs. The company already dubbing it as the
“easiest way to experience VR” has ensured that the users can easily experience and make use of virtual reality without needing to play the respective apps from a separate device like a computer or mobile device.

If this is not enough to shower accolades on the new headset, we can refer to what the Oculus VR head Hugo Barra has to say about the new Oculus Go. According to her, the new headset actually made a niche entry by striking a “sweet spot” between the virtual reality experience on PC and mobile.

Lightweight Design Coupled Up With Great Visual Experience

The new headset is presumably the lightest one in the entire Oculus family, and it is designed to deliver an unprecedented ease of use and great visual experience. When Facebook gurgled out bigger than $2 billion as a price to take over the famous VR headset brand Oculus in 2014, it was a move to justify the revolutionary potential of the technology to push the barrier of the world technological innovation.

Visionary Move In Respect Of Pricing As Well

If you look at the ways virtual reality as a technology niche us perceived by the larger population you are bound to realise that it came a long way. From just becoming a utopian concept in the science fiction to becoming the harbinger of real life change with awesome immersive visual experience, VR as technology has come of age now.

Naturally, it was not just destined to be a child’s plaything as many people envisaged until just a few years before. It has become now a serious medium, and people are increasingly expectant to make VR the part of their everyday life and experience. Just the way internet has become a mass phenomenon with penetration across all walks of life, VR is supposed to enjoy the same feat down the line in a few years from now. This vision of making VR more accessible to the public made Oculus consider its pricing seriously. This is how the new headset got a price tag which is fairly affordable for a larger population.

A Final Note

This new headset can just be considered as the beginning of a new range of VR headsets with the potential to take in the larger mass market. When the company announced that it is also on its last leg of testing for another VR headset following the Oculus Go, we become clear about the intention of the brand to make VR a mass conceived phenomenon with most affordable price. For making VR popular what matters most is addressing different price points and in that respect, Oculus Go seems to be an incredible choice.