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Customized Nura Headphones that are Perfect for Audiophiles

Nura Headphones

Today generation is at its peak in crafting and recording good music at our fingertips. Melbourne-based startup Nura rolled out an ear-scanning technology with its peculiar new headphones, with a hardware/software combo designed to give perfect playback to its wearers.

The headphone integrates unique soundwave technology to automatically measure your hearing and adapt music perfectly to you. This is a new kind of headphones, and it’s promising an experience tailor-made for your ears. Just plug it into your phone, use the companion app to complete the automatic hearing test, and enjoy the magic.

Adjusting the headband or swapping out the earbud tips to ensure the best fit needs customized settings on your audio device. The Nura headphones seek to eliminate all the uncertainty and compromise by calculating your perfect sound profile based on the shape of your inner ear. It has the ability to pick up and analyze these emissions to optimize the listening experience. In short, Nura headphones work like self-regulated equalizers designed as per listener’s ear.

Uniquely Designed

Nura has been created with a very original design that serves a dual purpose. The cups of headphones provide the bass-heavy sound and the sensitive microphone in the ear canal, which reads those signals and analyzes them modify your sound, that’s coming to them to match your ears.

There are earbuds and over-ear headphones that articulate to position themselves into your ear to create a magnificent sound. The in-ear piece measures hearing and plays mostly mid and high tones. The Nura headphones connect to a listening device via a lightning connector or a USB connector that avoids converting a digital signal to an analog signal. The headphones will even have a charging port at the bottom of one of the cups that will allow a listener to relay their charging cable to their phone.

Personalized Sound

Sound and hearing are very hard to objectively self-assess. Audiophiles are skilled in the art, but this takes them years of experience.

Nura sounds too good to be true with profiles for left and right ears based on sensitivity to different sound frequencies. The newly equalized version of headphones comes with great balance, and the instrumentation is extremely clear. It has a special “Kick It” mode that increases the bass to powerful levels in contact with your skin with crystal clear sound.

Nura empowers music lovers to find their perfect sound and uses this information to fill in your musical black spots.

Significant Features of Nura Headphones

  • There is a companion app with Nura headphones that keeps things simple and makes sure the headphones are seated correctly on your head.
  • The app will take the data it just gathered and create a profile for you.
  • Instead of simply making those frequencies louder and more prominent in the audio profile, the headphones vibrate on your outer ear, enhancing your perception of the low end and pumping up the volume.
  • The Nura headphones can store two permanent listening profiles, in addition to a “guest mode.”
  • The dual speaker setup meant the vocals, instrumentals and bass all came remarkably clear.
  • The product is designed to be able to use components from multiple suppliers wherever possible.

Price and Availability

The Nura hits Kickstarter today with an early-bird price of $179 and eventual retail price of $399. With many audiophile headphones going for thousands of dollars, that’s a pretty good deal for a set that promises great sound putting them in the same ballpark as decent noise-cancelling headphones.


As per its key features, the Nura headphones’ biggest selling point is the idea that the sound they produce is optimized to allow you to hear every note clearly. The setup process needs work but still, the idea driving the Nura headphones to seem genuinely interesting.