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Nucli Smart Lock – The Smartest Deadbolt for your Door!

Nucli Smart Lock

Everyone hates keys and once you lose them, it is damn tough to open the locks. Smart locks are now being used as popular security options for smart home. The trends have been clear about the digital age anyways!

The Deadbolt that is Dead on!

Westinghouse Nucli is one such WiFi-enabled deadbolt that just does not only gives you access through the door but delivers more than being just a lock. It has an efficient outdoor camera, which can send images and alerts through its sensors utilizing the smart lock’s iOS and Android apps. The lock is one of the first ones to have inbuilt speakers and microphones, so you can even ask or talk to visitors without having to open the door or even having to be within the home.

  • This gadget is sure to enter the best security systems for homes since it redefines a simple lock into a smart gadget. This lock works as a Home Surveillance Camera and much more…
  • Like most smart locks, the Nucli allows users for door control and accessibility control for others where virtual keys can render access for multiple users.
  • Nucli also includes a camera with a 170-degree field of view and has inbuilt accelerometers for providing alerts especially if the door is left open for a long period of time.
  • Visitors can leave voice messages and even get their MP3s as their doorbell tone.

The lock includes WiFi, Bluetooth and Z-Wave support for forging smart connections with other smart devices in your home.

The Indiegogo Campaign

Nucli Smart Lock was launched through an Indiegogo campaign by the company. Westinghouse hopes to create buzz and wish to secure $50,000 before shipping out its packages to the first backers in November 2015. The early birds are in for $299 for a Nucli lock which is $100 less than the expected final retail price. Till now the company has managed more than what was needed and some days are yet remaining before they can wind up the campaign.

The best part about the lock is that it gives control to the user irrespective of their own location. If the door is left ajar, a smart sensor closes the door, locking it automatically. Now there is no need to keep track of physical keys since there can be about 50 users to use the lock. Also, the weatherproof design is one of the best ones out there for locks.

The Nucli Smart Lock Features Include:

  • Fingerprint sensors for user recognition, PIN pad and quick smartphone access on WiFi.
  • Smartphone alerts for consistent notifications for the user.
  • Remote locking or unlocking of doors from anywhere, from within or outside the house.
  • Integrated Bluetooth, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi connectivity for smart connections with other devices.
  • The exterior camera and outside speakers and microphones, help owners speak with visitors without having to open the door or be within the house.
  • A wide 170 degree field Of view (FOV) for the camera.
  • Leave voice messages if users are not in the house or not responding.
  • Indoor and outdoor touchscreens for complete customization and setup.
  • Super Capacitor technology with 9-volt external power for quick backup access.
  • Rechargeable battery driving the lock for 6-months one single charge with quick recharge capability of 2 hours.
  • Digital doorbell with MP3 track playing capability.

Something to Note

The Nucli smart lock is a best buy who need an extra measure of security as well as secured accessibility for their homes and offices. By integrating smart capabilities for the smart lock, the makers have ensured that they have a winner on their hands!