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Nubia Red Magic – A Gaming Smartphone with RGB Light Strips

Nubia Red Magic

With all the phones these days focusing on one thing or the other, it is becoming a trend for a smartphone to either be a ‘smartphone for photography’ or ‘smartphone for business’. There is one more category called gaming smartphone. Lately, there have been smartphone companies who have launched gaming smartphones. Gaming smartphones are those that are specifically created for people who are fond of playing high-end games on their mobile phones.

Gaming phones have different requirements from that of an average smartphone. A gaming smartphone requires a few things those which if are not available in a normal smartphone, it can still work. But a gaming smartphone needs a phone that has a lot of storage space, so more storage space the better. It also requires the battery to be long lasting. The phone has to be handy enough as to hold it comfortably and play the games. Also, the phone needs to have a super fast processor in order to enjoy the games without lagging.

Made by a Chinese company

Xiaomi recently backed a smartphone company in order to launch a gaming phone namely Black Shark. After Xiaomi, its the ZTE sub-brand Nubia that has come up with a new gaming smartphone called the Nubia Red Magic. Nubia is a sub brand of ZTE, which is a Chinese company that produces smartphones.

Comes with a RGB strip

Over the years, gamers have had all kinds of accessories for their gaming. But they have never really had a perfect smartphone which would look like its made for gaming. But Nubia Red Magic is going to change that. Red Magic definitely looks like a smartphone specifically made for gaming. It comes with an RGB strip that runs on its back. This can be easily customized to suit your gaming persona. This RGB strip is also capable of showing up to 16 million different colors.

A good processor

Red Magic is supported by Android 8.1. Red Magic comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 which was seen in last year’s smartphones, in place of the newer Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. It comes with up to 8 GB of RAM, with up to 128 GB of storage in the high end model. It also has a cheaper 6GB RAM and a 64 GB storage model. On the back, it has got a 24 megapixel camera in a neat hexagonal lens and a front-facing lens of 8 megapixel. Red Magic includes a built-in DAC and a DTS amplifier. This is to make sure that you get a loud, powerful stereo sound.

Powerful battery

Red Magic features a 3,800 mAh battery that can keep your phone charged for a longer time and doesn’t interrupt while you are playing a game. It is slightly less than the recently announced Xiaomi Black Shark which had a 4,000 mAh battery. Nubia claims that it will be using a “Game Boost” software in order to improve the performance of the phone. Red Magic comes with a thing called the graphite heat sink with three vents. There is also a special air convection cooling system, which helps the phone in cooling down and makes sure your palms don’t become sweaty while constantly holding the phone.

Focusing on the Chinese market

Gaming phones might not be a big deal in United States or markets similar to it, but it is definitely a huge deal when it comes markets like China. China is a huge market for the gaming phones, so the target audience for Red Magic or any other gaming smartphone is definitely going to be more in China and similar places. A gaming phone might not make a lot of sense to the users in the American market, but it will definitely gain a lot of attention among the markets in East Asia.

Only available in China

Red Magic will be available for preorder starting from 25th April. But it will only be available in China at the moment, and it will have a starting price of $395 or 2,499 Yuan. The high-end version of Red Magic is priced at $475 or 2,999 Yuan. You might be able to find Red Magic on Indiegogo soon as Nubia is planning to start a campaign on 26th. This way you can get the Nubia Red Magic at an early bird price.