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Now We Have a Phone For People Looking For a Digital Detox

Digital Detox

These days, walking down the sidewalk of any major city you will notice masses of people staring down at their phones instead of interacting with other living, breathing humans. After the smartphone became an essential part of our lives, push notifications and news feeds have commanded more and more of our attention. You could just not use a phone, of course. But then you’re completely disconnected. Is it possible to find a middle ground between giving in to total digital immersion and being off the grid?


A Swiss technology company called Punkt thinks so. The company recently released its retro-inspired dumbphone, the MP01. The cool-looking feature phone takes us away from apps as it allows nothing more than texting and calling. Punkt’s tagline is simple and straightforward: “Offline as the new luxury.” And its MP01 dumbphone is all the rage.

30-day return policy.

Punkt is making it super easy for all of us to try living a less-connected life. The company is offering hassle-free 30-day return policy. If you give the dumbphone a shot and decide the less-connected lifestyle isn’t one you’re into, Punkt is totally cool with it. You can just send it back and return to your endless app scrolling.

Nokia tried the same concept.

Punkt isn’t the first company to make a dumbphone. The Nokia 3310 that was recently released is a reboot of the company’s 17-year-old phone of the same name. The phone lets you make calls and send text messages. It also has a 2-megapixel camera and calculator app. Snake, too.

Only phone calls and texts.

The more our phones do, the more they demand of us. Sometimes it’s good to take a break. The Punkt MP 01 focuses on modern simplicity. Using Punkt, you can only makes phone calls and sends texts. The MP 01 merges beautiful design with a reassuring density. The MP 01 is an object of real beauty, both inside and out.

Simple user interface.

It has a simple and elegant monochrome user interface. It has no app icons, animations, or special effects. The MP 01 is nice and simple. The MP 01 is made with long-lasting materials. It includes damage-resistant Gorilla Glass. It is finished in an exclusive, high-specification camera paint. It’s built to last – unlike many products in today’s throwaway culture.

Basic features.

  1. Interface: Punkt has a crisp and elegant monochromatic text-based interface. It comes with intuitive centre-focused UI. This makes it an ideal text-messaging tool.
  2. Calendar: The MP 01 has a neat and convenient calendar for month viewing.
  3. Clock: Punkt displays a clearly visible clock icon on the home screen once activated.
  4. Notification Centre: The MP 01 has a useful Notification Centre. It allows you to get alerts and missed calls directly from the Home Screen.
  5. Original Ringtones: The MP 01 has its own set of original ringtones by the Norwegian sound artist, Kjetil Rost Nilsen.

The Verdict.

One downside of the Punkt is the price tag. It costs $295. This price is pretty steep for a phone that can’t even run Twitter. But it boasts a very cool design. It’s clearly trying to create a luxury mobile brand centered around feelings of nostalgia and digital overload.