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Now you Can Actually Feel The Music With Zeppy Bluetooth Speakers

Zeppy Bluetooth Speaker

Most speakers lose significant sound quality when submerged in water. But this can be avoided when you use Zeppy. Zeppy’s flat panel membrane delivers full-bodied stereo sound with no distortion. Zeppy’s unique design and housing material transmit vibrations through the water. This allows the user to literally feel the music. The membrane is made out of Forex which makes it light weight, water resistant and rugged. And the best thing is, it can be customized. You can send in your suggestions. The two most popular designs will be available for sale.

How Zeppy Was Born.

The team at Zeppy works with great zeal on creating new audio products. The use innovative ideas to create new audio products in combination with new materials. The idea was born in Vienna, Austria by Rafael Kubisz: music lover, inventor of the first solar speaker and red dot design award winner. Together with designer Johannes Scherr and partners in Germany, Hong Kong, and Florida, Zeppy was born.

Not Just a Portable Speaker.

Zeppy is much more than a portable Bluetooth speaker. It”s team embarked on a mission to change the way we experience music. For the first time ever in HiFi history, materials are used that transmit sound waves to your body or water.

Water Proof.

It is water- and saltwater proof. It is also floatable and light weight. Zeppy comes with incredible stereo sound and optimized for 6 different use cases by Bongiovi’s sound experts. Zeppy is a true Sound-Buddy for every situation, that will change the way you listen to music forever.

6 Sound Profiles.

  • Music: Zeppy comes with enhanced sound which delivers a richer, more immersive listening experience.
  • Massage: You can place Zeppy on the body. The Massage sound helps you relax and enjoy the massage.
  • Movie: It helps you transform the smallest screen to a home cinema.
  • Voice: You can enjoy crystal clear voice narration in podcasts and audiobooks using it.
  • Sound Cloud: Be surrounded by a sound cloud without losing contact with the listening environment.
  • Low energy: You can enjoy music for hours and hours with the energy saving mode on it.

Pairing Up Zeppys.

Up to 8 Zeppys can be paired to distribute the sound. Pair up to 8 Zeppys wirelessly to amplify your music and share it across different rooms and areas. Simply place one Zeppy on top of the other, and the tune is automatically synchronized. The integrated circuit on the membrane makes this pairing process so easy.

The Housing.

Zeppy was designed and engineered with a completely new approach to design and materials. This resulted in seven submitted patents. ARPRO, the material used for its housing consists of 96% air making Zeppy extremely lightweight. ARPRO is very powerful when it comes to performance and durability, even though it is lightweight. Used in the automotive industry to improve vehicle safety, it withstands multiple impacts without damage.

The Loop.

A smart design detail that supports the versatility of Zeppy. The loop is nicely integrated into the Design of it. It can be used as a carry strap, to hang it somewhere, but also to connect several Zeppys.

Comes in 3 Colors.

It is said to be shipped in October this year. Zeppy will be available in 3 different colors: Deep Black, Urban Silver, and Rainbow Edition – for Indiegogo only.