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Nook GlowLight Plus e-reader is Designed to Take on Amazon Kindle

Nook GlowLight Plus e-reader

While tablets and iPads have gained immense popularity over the years, being the perfect device for playing games and watching movies, they have not been successful in providing a delightful reading experience. Amazon is the only company in the market that is capturing the reading audience with the Kindle. But in a world of millions of book-lovers, there is a huge market for top-class e-readers compelling companies like Barnes and Noble to launch innovative and modern e-readers.

Introducing Nook e-reader

Barnes & Noble, a Fortune 500 company and the largest retail bookseller in the US, has recently launched an e-book reader called the Nook GlowLight Plus.

Nook e-reader incorporates a sharp screen and offers a paper-like reading experience.

Easy and Glare-Free Reading

Nook e-reader uses the latest GlowLight technology that offers easy and glare-free reading in any setting, during bright sunshine or at bedtime. The 6 inch, 300ppi display offers enhanced contrast and higher resolution that makes e-reading seem like paper reading, making the entire experience very gratifying for the user.

Design and Finish

The body of Nook e-reader is made of aluminum. It measures 163.6×119.6×8.6mm and weighs 195 grams. The silicon rim offers a good grip and also protects the Nook e-reader in case of a drop.

Water-Proof Body

While there a plethora of e-book readers available in the market, what makes Nook e-reader different is its water-proof body. The Nook e-reader can withstand water up to 3 feet deep and for a duration of 30 mins. Users can jump into their bathtub after a long day at work and rejuvenate themselves by reading their favourite book on the Nook e-reader while enjoying a nice bath.

Built for Adventure

Apart from being water-proof, Nook e-reader is dust resistant with an IP67 rating. Nook e-reader is the perfect companion on any excursion or adventure, as it is easy to carry and possesses premium construction and a scratch and fingerprint resistant polymer screen.

Amazing Specs

  • Nook e-reader possesses 2.5GB of inbuilt storage.
  • Nook e-reader offers a long-standing 6 weeks of battery life on a single charge.
  • Additionally, it possesses Wi-Fi connectivity and a micro USB port.
  • Barnes and Noble offers a free lifetime in-store support for the Nook e-reader.

Access a World of Books

Nook e-reader has thousands of books in its database, letting users browse through their favourite categories wherever they are. The built-in Wi-Fi feature allows for quick download. Additionally, Nook e-reader offers users free access to a variety of B&N readouts, and can choose topics ranging from romance to mystery to fantasy. The readouts are carefully curated by B&N editors to surprise and delight readers.


While Nook GlowLight e-reader is priced at $129, the GlowLight Plus costs $139. Users can purchase the Nook e-reader from the company’s website and major e-commerce stores and will be shipped for free.

Our Verdict

With Amazon Kindle the only worthy product in the market for book lovers, the Nook e-reader is sure to capture the e-reader market with its elegant design and stunning specs. Take it on your next adventure, unwind in your bathtub by reading the latest B&N readout, enjoy reading your favourite book in birght sunlight or just browse through thousands of books while you are ready to sleep – the Nook e-reader is the perfect companion for every weather, every setting offering a delightful reading experience wherever you go!