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Nonda Aiko: Another Smart Tracker to Help You Find Lost Things

Nonda Aiko

Finding your phone, wallet, pets, phones or other small digital devices like the smartwatches can often be a strenuous task with too many things and gadgets creating unsolvable cacophony around us. To solve this in a conclusive way and that too without really spending a lump sum we finally have an affordable tracker called Nonda Aiko. While there are several such trackers in the market, this one is really a deal breaker because of the lucrative price.

Finding lost items has never been that easy

Nonda Aiko can really make your life easier as a rechargeable smart Bluetooth tracker with smooth, compact and elegant design and accompanied app for both Android and iOS platform. It is equipped with both the hardware specs capable of tracking wireless transmitters and receivers as well as wireless controllers capable to control and monitor electronic devices. It is awesomely simple in design and straightforward with the practical feature set.

Features and specs

The Nonda Aiko tracker comes loaded with the following specs and features:

  • The tracker comes with rechargeable battery that shows notifications when the battery power turns low. With a single recharge, the battery can last for more than a month.
  • It is extremely easy to set up thanks to an intuitive app. One can also learn and follow the guidance following short video tutorials.
  • It works great to help you find all missing items including phones and smart wearables just by tapping on the ‘Find’ button on AIKO App. When you double press the device it makes your phone ring and thus help you to find the phone more easily.
  • It is also equipped with community search feature that provides the user community help to find your device based on your last known location.
  • The pack includes an AIKO device, a user manual and micro USB cable.
  • Every Aiko customer will get a one-year warranty and the support from an award winning customer service.

Find the best deal

For people searching for the latest tech, it is not less than an everyday deal since Nonda Aiko Finder is available for $16.99 as the Amazon Prime gets it shipped for free. Obviously, when purchasing from the company it may cost a little higher with a price of $18.99, but you can also cut the best deal by buying a lair of the device for just $28.88.

Findings from comparison

The Nanda Aiko practically looks identical to the Tile Mate which is another tracker device with almost similar capability and features. The only difference is that Aiko is a bit taller and it delivers battery power with the much realistic promise of lasting one full month with just a single charge. In comparison, we have Tile Mate battery that can last for a whole year with just single charge.

As for functionally, the Nanda Aiko offers quite similar specs, and it just works the similar way as the former. The app allowing you locating the tracker with a loud sound cannot make you lose sight if the tracker. It makes really a great accompaniment for your tiny gadgets and usable items including phone, smartwatches, keychain, purse, etc.

It is extremely easy to use as well. Just with a double press on the button of the tracker, you can make the phone beep loudly even at times when the phone is in mute condition. The only constraint is that you need to provide the tracker continuous Bluetooth access to find your valuables. This continuous Bluetooth use can take a toll on the battery life.

Does it really worth?

As far as the customer appreciation is concerned Aiko has got solid applause from the buyers who used and tested it. This is particularly reflected with the 4.3-star average rating it received from more than 50 buyers on Amazon. To be honest, don’t expect something of mind-blowing proportion as the app falls terribly short of super intuitive interface and functionality. To help you find your valuable, it depends on the Bluetooth connectivity which is the basic and standard for most devices.

In a nutshell

In overall measure, one should consider it as useful with a few constraints and competitive limitations such as coverage range, shorter battery life compared to the 1 year battery life of other devices and a bit larger design.