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Nomad Wireless Charging Hub: Best Traveler Friendly Charging Solution

Nomad Wireless Charging Hub

Travelers with the bulk of their gadgets often seem to be at a loss when they need to charge several devices at once. At hotels often they need struggle with the problem just with a single charging point. At best, they can be provided with a 30 pin adapter by the hotel. On the other hand, the world has really moved far away from such backdated charging solutions. Today, most flagship smartphones invariably flaunt a lightning fast wireless charging point to make batteries full in just a few minutes.

When wireless charging should be the rule of the day, why should travelers compromise? Precisely, this is why new wireless charging hub from Nomad came. Besides, offering wireless charging it also offers a compact charging point for all your devices and gadgets. When you consider the bulk of chargers and cables for all your devices you travel with, Nomad charging hub comes with a pretty smart solution making all that loads look really junk. This can really be the most lovable company for all the gadgets you carry during travel.

Compact traveler-friendly design

Nomad hub is designed and developed as a stylish and simple all-in-one charging dock that slips into any luggage. From the outset, the simple round dock looks pretty and will look nice on the bedside table. It is extremely lightweight and made to deliver a very low footprint design, both of which are crucial considerations for design.

The Nomad charging hub comes with rubberized footing to offer stability and stickiness on a variety of surfaces. This will make the entire hub very unlikely to fall off with least trembling or movement of the surface. On top of the hub, there is the wireless charging pad with a matte-finished rubber ring on top helping to prevent expensive glossy phones falling off with slight provocations.

Robust charging output

If the compact design seems to be a takeaway, the robust charging output should be the principal reason to buy Nomad hub. The hub has a wireless charging pad equipped to deliver up to 7.5W output. This is the ideal charging output which is supported by major flagships and cutting-edge smartphones including iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

But apart from this wireless charging pad, the hub comes loaded with plenty of charging options for other devices as well. It boasts of one USB-C port to deliver 3A charging output, a fast speed 2.4A USB-A port typically useful for charging larger devices like an iPad and two smaller 1A USB output for small devices such as AirPods.

Every charging output offers its own LED indicator with so smooth and delicate light that they cannot make the slightest visual distraction even for the most sensitive sleeper at night. So many charging outputs emerging from the single hub can create clutter on your desktop or bedside table, right? Don’t worry, the Nomad hub offers built-in cable management as well to keep away the entire clutter of cables.

Now when it comes to charging the hub, it just requires a single 1.2-meter power cable that being connected with the wall plug can allow it to deliver a total 30W max output comprising the wireless charging pad and all the different USB ports.

Key specs at a glance

Nomad charging hub comes loaded with the following specs and features:

  • It can simultaneously charge 5 devices
  • It offers a total output up to 30W comprising all the charging outputs
  • The topmost wireless charging pad is Qi-enabled and offers a max output of 7.5W
  • It has one USB C Port capable for high-speed 3A output
  • It also offers one USB A Port capable for 2.4A output and two standard 1A USB ports for smaller devices
  • All charging outputs are accompanied by their own LED charging status indicators
  • There is 1.2m cable connecting the charging hub to the wall power source

Final Verdict

You have a lot of smaller wireless charging pads available in the market, but none of them can really work equally as a charging hub for all your devices requiring veritable charging output. This is where Nomad charging hub comes as an ideal solution. At $80, the solution seems a little expensive when you can get quality wireless chargers at half of this price. But Nomad Hub is designed for the geeky traveler carrying a lot of devices in his luggage.