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Nomad Wallet for iPhone – An iPhone Charger that’s housed in a Standard Wallet


Nomad Wallet

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. With people extensively using smartphones to carry out every little daily task, the problem of the battery running out is daunting. To enable smartphone users from staying connected 24×7, hundreds of companies have launched portable power banks that can be carried along to charge smartphones. However, that has led to a clutter in the industry, making it difficult for new players to make a mark unless they have something really unique to offer. A nomad who has been inventing unique smartphone accessories has introduced an innovative idea to charge the battery of your phone with It.

Introducing Nomad Wallet

With a gamut of power banks available in the market today, introducing one that incorporates a unique design has more chances of staying ahead of the curve. Nomad, an American firm that develops smartphone and smartwatch accessories, has recently announced the launch of its latest product in the market, the Nomad Wallet for iPhone. Believing in making products with minimalistic and convenient design, the Nomad Wallet is shaped like a standard wallet and enables users to seamlessly charge their iPhones to 100% on the go.

Distinctive Design

  • While most power banks in the market today incorporate a standard, square or rectangular design with multiple USB ports, the Nomad Wallet is truly unique.
  • The goal behind Nomad Wallet was to create a wallet that is similar in size and thickness to a standard wallet that men carry.
  • By placing the battery on the spine of the wallet, the makers of Nomad Wallet were able to trim wasted space that is native to most wallet patterns
  • Measuring 4.7×3.5×0.75 when closed, and weighing 162g, Nomad Wallet fits perfectly into the back pocket of jeans and trousers making it easy for men to charge their phones on the go.
  • Nomad Wallet can additionally hold 6 cards and a bunch of cash.

Amazing Features

  • Nomad Wallet has the ability to provide a full charge for iPhone models before iPhone 6 and around 100% charge for the recently launched iPhone 6S.
  • Nomad wallet contains a 2,400mAh battery pack in its spine along with a 3 inch “made for iPhone” (MFi) certified lightning cable and takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge an iPhone
  • Materials used include high crush strength aluminum casing, high strength polycarbonate end caps, and black saffiano leather.
  • The lithium-ion battery uses ultra-compact circuit boards that make Nomad Wallet’s battery system capable of ultra-high density
  • The Advanced System on Chip (SoC) microprocessor and 01005-grade components enable the makers to pack a huge 2400mAh battery into a standard wallet design
  • It has a micro-USB in port and an Apple Lightning out port
  • Users can tuck the lighting cable inside the integrated pocket when not required thus eliminating unnecessary and unappealing bulk

Certified by Apple

Nomad Wallet uses a lighting plug that is purchased from Apple, thus providing the highest quality power supply possible. It has been rigorously tested in hot and cold environments, making it the perfect accessory for smartphone users when they need it the most.

Pre-Order Today

Nomad Wallet is available for sale from the company’s official website for a price of $99.99. Users can choose to pay for Nomad Wallet through PayPal, Google or Amazon and enjoy free shipping to their preferred destination.

Stylishly Stay Connected

In a market inundated with boring and dull-looking power banks, Nomad Wallet truly captures one’s attention. Made from premium leather that houses an iPhone charger in its spine, Nomad Wallet is capable of making a fashion statement in the technology industry. Grab your product today and stylishly stay connected on the go.